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I help women become stronger and more confident.

About Simple Solutions Fitness, the most private studio in town.

A Personal Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Steven Mack is a former Mizzou Walk-On and Chicago native that calls Columbia home. 

What Does Training Look Like?

No gimmicks or special products: People were fit long before we started living and working in cities dominated by sedentary jobs and cars.

Tracked progress based on your goals: If your goal is weight loss, you're going to weigh in. If it's strength, we'll steadily build muscle and coordination.

Very organized training: There won't be sudden surprises like member-gimmick-training gyms. You'll know what to expect every session.

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Collaborative work environment: If an exercise is causing pain or is a complete deterrent, you can say so and we'll find another way to meet your goals.

It will be work, but you'll be safe and feel great. We'll take things slowly at first. As you get more comfortable, you'll be able to work on your own.

You're Ready

Let's chat, establish goals and build a sustainable plan for your fitness.

Phone: 1-573-443-1495

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  • I want to start:
  • I am interested in training:

Let's Build Consistent Training Habits:

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Dynamic Warm Up

A proper warm up reduces the chance of injury and keeps you consistently training.

Balanced Strength Training

Learn how to combine effective patterns (pushes, pulls, upper body, lower body) in a way that efficiently uses your endurance.

Fat Loss is a Process

No matter what any gimmick tells you, fat loss takes time: there are no special exercises (sadly).

Increase Muscle Tone

While we can't where fat is lost, we can shape your body with muscle and increase muscle tone.

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Your Private Training Studio

​A quiet space to focus on your goals, without the crowd​.

Set the music you like and let Steven lead you to your goals.

About the Simple Solutions studio

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In this private and quiet space you are the focus for one hour.

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Ask questions and get immediate feedback and coaching.

Your precise workout time is scheduled and planned ahead of time.

You pick the music (or Steven can show off his latest workout playlist).

Sound different? It is.

Factory gyms can't offer the kind of detailed planning and results a personal trainer provides.

The Four Problems We'll Solve Immediately:

Quick fixes don't change lifestyles.

Gather info to define your goal(s).

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Talk about what your goal(s) will allow you to do differently in life.

green "q" and "a" bubbles for question and answer

Understand the work required and commitment.

Develop a plan to get there.

Steven Mack's Story

I'm from the city of Chicago where basketball is king but, I didn't play sports until I was in high school because...I wasn't so awesome at basketball. My favorite cousin, Richard, also had a name for me, "Cousin Pudgy".

When I finally did get into athletics it changed my life.

When I finished my high school career, I decided to finally shed some weight. I went from a chubby 235 lbs to an admittedly slim 203 lbs. A close personal friend of mine encouraged me to try college football where I learned a lot about strength and conditioning but also struggled with my weight reaching upwards of 257 lbs and for the first time, numerous injuries.

Along the way, I discovered my passion for learning about fitness and the body and how it all worked. I have a bachelor's in health sciences and I'm a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

To be honest I'm not sure how many injuries I've had but I've had physical therapy for my right knee (after I tore my LCL), right hamstring 2 or 3 times, right shoulder, a breathing issue, and left hip as well as having stress fractures in both of my hands.

Those experiences and my constant passion for learning, my mother is a school teacher and I never feel like I can learn enough, are what I feel make me personally different. What makes my business different is limiting sessions to no more than 4 people so we can keep the quality high and the relationships both personal and private.

People like me and my clients invest in themselves and want to be the very best in both their careers and their personal lives. We have goals, need a little extra help and a plan to get there but, above all else, we're committed. Life is too short to spend all day exercising when we could've been using more effective methods and gotten to spend more time with our friends and family.

I believe that everyone can get the benefits of quality personal training and nutrition coaching in a private or small circle of comfortable friends and family.

Set and achieve your goal.

Steven is here to help and lead you to your fitness goals in a quiet and focused environment.


Simple Solutions Fitness

3930 S Providence Rd Suite B, Columbia, Missouri 65203

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(573) 443-1495