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Kathleen Dolan

Senior Consultant

January 23, 2019


  • Counteract muscle deterioration from aging
  • Strengthen back muscles to combat osteoporosis
  • Increase self-confidence

I have been a client of Steven Mack’s for a little over 4 months. Osteoporosis runs in my family and my posture, which had been an issue in my early 40’s, was noticeably becoming worse as I approached 50.

In addition, I was struggling to lift my suitcases, as I travel quite a bit for work. I had never been to a gym, nor did I exercise at all – I did not even own a pair of tennis shoes. I realized that I was losing muscle definition rapidly as I aged and needed help!

Steven Mack and his Simple Solutions Fitness have truly changed my life. I had no idea how much poor nutrition and lack of exercise was affecting my sleep, mood, energy and overall life – Steven introduced me to basics and allowed me to start “slowly” so as not to be overwhelmed. I had not started the program to lose weight, but have lost 8 pounds. More importantly, in just 4 months, my posture has improved significantly, my strength, energy and confidence are all way up and my family and friends are raving about the new “me”.

Steven is always focused on my goals with the program and checks in with me all the time. He knows his stuff and shares the “why” behind lifting certain weights or doing certain routines over others – he is not just teaching technique, he is sharing knowledge.

Signing up with Steven is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Kathleen Dolan

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