Simple Solutions Fitness is a Personal Training Studio founded by Steven Mack, based in Columbia, MO. We believe that women deserve to feel strong and more confident through strength training (because bros know that weights are for them).

The Team Behind Simple Solutions Fitness

Personal Trainer Steven Mack smiling with his arms crossed

Steven Mack

Owner, Personal Trainer

Steven runs most of the show at Simple Solutions Fitness. He is a former Mizzou Walk-On, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Oreo enthusiast, and Chicago native that calls Columbia home. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, but actively pursues learning and is deeply passionate about making SSF a great company.

He's also a coach for Strongerbyscience.com. a company aimed at making exercise and nutrition research understandable and actionable for everyone.

Harper Kissee

Personal Trainer

Harper is the new guy at Simple Solutions Fitness. He is an undergraduate student at the University of Missouri studying Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. He is an ex-football player and wrestler, a Missouri native, and enjoys fitness and wellness. He is here to learn about the business and help in any way he can!

The SSF Mission

Bros know that weights are for them. You deserve to feel strong too.

We are for women who sometimes feel too tired or overwhelmed to work out.

We provide high-touch semi-private personal training and at-home workouts so you don’t have to feel guilty for taking time away from your family as you get into better shape.

Unlike similar companies, we keep our sessions very small and private making us a great place to build up your confidence without the crowd.

Your sessions are designed to teach you how to move while building strength and holistically achieving your goals. You'll get help finding the appropriate challenge level to get the best results while focusing on your form.

In other words, we'll build a sustainable plan for your fitness.

You're Ready

Let's chat, establish goals and build a sustainable plan for your fitness.

Phone: 1-573-443-1495

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Simple Solutions Fitness Personal Training Studio Storefront

Your Private Training Studio

​A quiet space to focus on your goals, without the crowd​.

Set the music you like and let us lead you to your goals.

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About the Simple Solutions studio

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In this private and quiet space you are the focus for one hour.

Two icon people talking

Ask questions and get immediate feedback and coaching.

Your precise workout time is scheduled and planned ahead of time.

You pick the music (or we can show off our latest workout playlist).

Sound different? It is.

Factory gyms can't offer the kind of detailed planning and results a personal trainer provides.

The Four Problems We'll Solve Immediately:

Quick fixes don't change lifestyles.

Gather info to define your goal(s).

Talking cartoon icon with blue bubble

Talk about what your goal(s) will allow you to do differently in life.

green "q" and "a" bubbles for question and answer

Understand the work required and commitment.

Develop a plan to get there.

Set and achieve your goal.

We're here to help and lead you to your fitness goals in a quiet and focused environment.


Simple Solutions Fitness

3930 S Providence Rd Suite B, Columbia, Missouri 65203


(573) 443-1495