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Kayla Beasley

Dental Hygienist

July 02, 2018


  • Lose weight from pregnancy
  • Regain a Sense of Self Confidence
  • Learn how to diet and exercise on her own

I just finished a 6-month program with Steven Mack. Before I started, I had felt stuck for years in my attempts at weight loss after having my two kids. Time after time, I tried and failed to get into shape on my own. I had no experience with weight lifting and was always too intimidated to venture into the free weights section of the gym.

Over the last 6 months, I have dropped more than 15 lbs. and several inches, seen new muscle definition in places I never have before, and gained the knowledge and skill to diet and exercise effectively on my own.

Steven’s focus throughout the entire program has been on helping me to achieve the goals I set for myself, and he checked in with me regularly each week to hold me accountable and offer help when needed. He’s always learning new things, and clearly has a passion for fitness.

I’m thrilled with my progress, and I truly believe that signing up with Steven is the best thing I could’ve done for my confidence and my health.

Kayla Beasley

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