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Your clients and patients will be safe here


Send your clients to a gym that won't interfere with the progress they've made.

Physical therapists

Let us pick up where therapy sessions end.

Counselors & therapists

We can create a safe and autonomous space for your patients.

Bamboo Nutrition

"The trainers at Simple Solutions are very knowledgeable and experienced. They are understanding of your goals, skill-level and only provide quality, evidenced-based recommendations. I often send my clients to Simple Solutions who are easing back into working out again and are nervous about this fresh start. As well as clients who are not looking for trainers to push nutrition recommendations or weight loss. I trust these folks completely!"


The nutrition discussion is yours

We won't bring up supplements or nutrition as part of training. We are a space for strength training, your space is for nutrition.

Safe fitness messaging

We don't have any advertising for boot camps, challenges, or other aggressive fitness strategies.

No mirrors, models, or before/after shots

We know that mirrors in the gym can feel uncomfortable, and advertising models set unrealistic expectations — so we don't have either. We also don't do before/after photos.

No supplement sales

We don't sell supplements and we don't like supplement stores. It's not that we think all supplements are useless, it just becomes a slippery slope for us.

Physical therapists

Transitional training

Picking up where therapy ends, we can continue strength training in a comfortable low pressure environment without pushing sales or rushed fitness goals.

Collaborative programming

Physical therapists are the expert on movement, we're here to help them continue becoming strong.

Counselors & therapists

A safe fitness space

You won't find us pushing aggressive fitness strategies — this is a safe space to work out and build strength and endurance.

No mirrors or before/after shots

We're here to help your client build strength without introducing counterproductive self-criticism or turning the gym into a selfie zone.

No diet discussions

We won't bring up supplements or nutrition as part of training. We are a space for strength training, not injecting nutritional ideas.

Motivational interviewing

We support your client's autonomy, working in a way that provides a supportive coaching environment.

We specialize in strength training & refer out

If you're looking to expand your network, we would be happy to connect you to the people whom we trust.

Here are some of our favorite providers!


Physical Therapists:

  • University of Missouri:
    • Sarah Miller, DPT - Pelvic health and orthopedic Physical Therapist
    • David Echelmeyer, MPT, OCS
  • Peak Sport and Spine:
    • Scott Graham

Occupational Therapy:

  • University of Missouri:
    • Brad Earnest

Mental Health Providers: