Kayla Performing a dumbbell row on an adjustable bench

A Personal Trainer for Women who never want to walk into a big gym again.

You'll build your confidence without mirrors or the crowd. We're a small studio that doesn't push diets or supplements.

We'll develop the plan so you can focus on showing up for your workout. In Columbia, Missouri (or remotely).

Hear it yourself from Misty:

What Does Training Look Like?

Get structure, guidance, and accountability

You'll get very organized training that helps you achieve your goals. You'll know what to expect in every session.

We help you apply science-based personal training so you can ditch YouTube and focus on yourself.

Small group training (2-5 people) keeps you motivated and accountable to more people than just your trainer.

Avoid the factory gym where you're just another member with generic personal trainers. No fads or special supplements.

Are you ready?

If you came to this page looking to find a Personal Trainer in Columbia MO, you're in the right place. Let's chat, establish goals and build a sustainable plan for your fitness.