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Your schedule is what matters,
not how crowded some big gym will be when you need it.

Achieving your goals is simple, but it's as unique as you are.
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Let's start a better you

Being fit and strong shouldn't overwhelm us.

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It's timenow, not later. Let's go. Today.

A plan that holds us accountable will help.

Trainer monitored progress with fitness apps.

Good training means targeted training.


Small group personal training

No more than small groups of 2-5 in a session

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Personal Training

Work with a personal trainer away from the crowds at the gym.

Training Planning

Individual programming is always included but also available as a standalone.

Speaking Inquiries

To inquire about hiring Steven to speak, drop him an email.

Core Service Values

Simple Solutions' purpose is to provide you with simple and effective exercise programs so you can feel strong and confident.

Company Core Values:

  • Simple - You can always make things more complicated. Does complexity make it better? Change our decision-making process?
  • Effective - Does it work well in its current context? Things change, is it aligned with current goals and values?
  • Science-based - Keep an open mind. Observe. Gather information. Can you test it? Science gives you averages, how can we apply general findings to this context? Test again. Change. Observe.
  • Optimal Challenge - We all have the skills and motivation to grow. Remove restraining forces. Channel sparks into a flame with the help of the right Sherpa.
  • Healthy Skepticism - Try to understand why something works so you can figure out if there’s a better way to accomplish it.

Whatever your version of happiness is, you deserve that. As busy as you are, you've got to do this for yourself.

Your fitness journey starts today

You've found the trainer that can help you achieve your goals.


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