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Build Your Confidence Without the Crowd

Start fitness training in a friendly small group

For women who hate gyms, a private fitness studio that you'll feel comfortable in.

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About Small Group Personal Training

Gyms can be intimidating, this is a private space.

Ask questions and get immediate feedback and coaching.

The space is private, but you still have the chance to meet new people.

The same individualized workouts tailored to your goals, but for a fraction of the cost and more scheduling flexibility.

Your training sessions will be with a small group of (up to) four or five other people. This intimate size allows for the same personalized coaching you’d get with traditional one-on-one training, along with the chance to meet new people. And since it’s cheaper than personal training, you can work out more often and potentially get better results.

Let's create the exact plan for your goals and preferences.

I most want to see changes in my
I want to start:
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Let's Build Consistent Training Habits:

Dynamic Warm Up

A proper warm up reduces the chance of injury and keeps you consistently training.

Balanced Strength Training

Learn how to combine effective patterns (pushes, pulls, upper body, lower body) in a way that efficiently uses your endurance.

Fat Loss is a Process

No matter what any gimmick tells you, fat loss takes time: there are no special exercises (sadly).

Increase Muscle Tone

While we can't where fat is lost, we can shape your body with muscle and increase muscle tone.