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Barb Jones

Retired Health Science Librarian

August 01, 2019

Full Transcript:

(Tell us what you do and what your work typically entails)

Well, my work typically entails a lot of sitting. There’s some travel, there’s some teaching-you know, presenting in front of a group, but there’s a lot of sitting a lot of just working on the computer-lots of hours.

(How has Simple Solutions Fitness helped you level up?)

Simple Solutions Fitness has really helped me because, after I work out-immediately after I work out, I feel better. I feel more energized; I feel more confident about coping with whatever the day brings.

It also has helped me feel more physically competent. It’s not such a big deal to lug around a heavy suitcase or just some of the things that you encounter on a daily basis.

Additionally, the eating program, I really like because it’s so gentle. It’s one step at a time, only one thing to concentrate on and all the while you’re working towards a long-range goal. So, it’s very easy to implement and it makes it easier not to drop because you only have to think about one thing.

(What’s the #1 thing you like about being part of Simple Solutions Fitness?)

The best thing for me about being part of the Simple Solutions studio is the fact that my workouts are planned. They’re-it’s not hit and miss. Steven has taken my shape-my physical shape into account and has worked out a progression for me.

He listens to me so there’s always room for adjustment. There’s opportunity for adjustment and then he’s always here. There’s always somebody to help me with the weights. There’s always somebody to make me-to make sure that I’m using good form, doing the exercise correctly to get the maximum benefit out of it.

(What’s something you approached differently because of Simple Solutions Fitness?)

Something I’ve approached differently from working with you-probably diet is the easiest thing to identify-that is the flexibility of making good choices. For instance, I just took two trips and before you know, if I was hungry in an airport-I might grab a candy bar or some chips or something. Now I can grab some jerky and so I’m making a much better health choice.

With the eating plan that Steven has it’s very easy to look at options and make healthy choices because things aren’t rigid rules, they’re suggestions, they’re adaptations of real life. You don’t have to twist yourself into a pretzel trying to follow a rule that doesn’t make sense for your own life.

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