CSCS Study Guide

How do you study for the CSCS test? Use this CSCS Study Guide to ensure success in your path to certification.

About this study guide

Who is this for?

This works well for people who:

  • need a quick reference for the text because… science
  • make flash cards, or
  • feel like they don't test well.

What does it cover?

This is focused on the content that appears in the exam. Your questions may not be precisely the same, but the content that received the most focus in the exam process received the most attention in this study guide.

Who made it?

Like every new fitness professional, Steven mack knew he wanted to do something in the fitness field, but didn’t know where to start.

No joke: he slept in his car for three months to complete an internship, then worked his way up from in-home training, to sharing an office space with physical therapists, eventually opening his own studio a year ago.

Somewhere during that summer in his car, he imagined a future of not just helping people get fit, but helping fitness professionals move forward.

That’s where the inspiration came from — he made this study guide because he was sitting where you are at now. Steven wanted to get a CSCS because it’s a quality certification, but he just felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information within.

The NSCA put together a great text that gives you just about everything you need except a glossary.

That’s where this study guide comes in. If you find yourself wondering what you just read when you’re sifting back through a chapter or constantly pull out the laptop to ask Google — this is for you.