Dumbbell Shoulder Press

How to do the dumbbell shoulder press.

Here's How to Perform the Dumbbell Shoulder Press:

  • Start out standing with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Bring your dumbbells up to your shoulders.
  • Turn your hands to 45-degree angles (slightly facing each other).
  • Pull your ribs down, brace your core, and squeeze your glutes.
  • Draw a deep breath into your stomach, sides, and lower back before pressing.
  • Imagine that you are pushing your pinky towards the ceiling, allowing your shoulder blade to move freely.
  • Aim to finish with your head between your elbows.
  • Reverse the press under control as you breathe in.
  • Touch the top of your shoulders and reset before starting the next press.

How to make Dumbbell Shoulder Presses Easier (Regression)

  • Use a lighter barbell or decrease your range of motion.

How to make Dumbbell Shoulder Presses Harder (Progression)

  • Increase the total amount of weight lifted in each set.
  • Add sets or perform more reps per set.
  • Perform multiple pauses in each rep at the bottom or middle or top of each shoulder press.

Note: I've tried standing on a resistance band, placing it in my hand, and then pressing with weight. It's hard.