You Can Exercise without Judgement, Intimidation or Distractions

Simple Solutions Fitness is a private personal training atmosphere. No need to navigate the gym crowd.

Big Box Gyms are Impersonal

Walk into the largest gym in your neighborhood. Feel a little uncomfortable? You're not alone. You'll get a different vibe when you walk into Simple Solutions Fitness.

Why You Want To Train in a Private Atmosphere

A big gym can be intimidating, even if you're already familiar with how to exercise. A few months ago, I switched my gym membership to an unnamed location. You may not believe that a personal trainer could be uncomfortable in a gym but, this one sure was.

Here are a few highlights of how my first trip to the gym went:

  • I walked in-"okay, where's the bathroom at?"
  • I didn't bring anything in with me besides my phone and keys which I carried with me the entire time-I can't just leave my keys anywhere!
  • I had no clue where all the equipment I needed was-yes I took a tour before but, the gym was empty that time.
  • It felt like people were staring at me, the place is filled with mirrors and everyone was looking around.
  • Everyone there looked so fit, I wasn't sure how I measured up.

In reality, no one at the gym is looking at you. Well, they might be. Mainly, everyone at the gym is there to pay attention to themselves. Once I saw a few familiar faces it finally became more comfortable but, it took a few weeks. That's a lot of uncomfortable, sweaty workouts...

Why You Want to Train at Simple Solutions Fitness

Smaller businesses are flat out a more personal service. There will be no distractions so you can focus on you. You don't even have to plan what you'll be doing for the day. I'll workout the plan, you just workout. You can leave your phone in the car if you'd like, you'll be right back to it in no time.

There is no judgement, everyone is at a different place in their fitness journey and your program will reflect that. You can enjoy your sessions and express yourself fully and comfortably.

If this sounds like your kind of place go ahead and fill out that contact form below. If you need more help, I'm always here for you.

-Steven Mack, CSCS

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