Why Your "Perfect" Plan Failed You

Your diet and exercise plan was "perfect", so what went wrong? It wasn't simple enough to meet your fitness goals.

"No plan survives contact with the enemy".

That quote has been attributed to many different sources, all involving war generals and great leaders. No matter who said it, it holds true for our fitness plans as well.

All plans originate from somewhere. When you find yourself stepping on a lego block in the middle of the night, you can remember someone being told to put those away.

You might remember going to the store and debating whether or not you should buy legos for this very occasion. Once you got past the price tag, you thought about how much fun it would be to play with these yourself. After all, when you give a child a gift, you know that sooner or later you'll end up watching that movie 5+ times

What happened to your perfect plan of making sure all of the toys were put away in their designated spaces? Contact with the real world.

Maybe you don't have kids but, you can understand what it's like to come up with an idea, only to see it fall apart in two seconds flat.

The same can be said about your plan to eat 5 small meals and workout 3x a week for 50 minutes.

Your Intention is What's Most Important

Take a second and ask yourself, what are you really trying to accomplish? Unpredictable things can change your plan in an instant. Someone is using your favorite machine so you need to rest a little longer than "2 minutes". You ran into a little more traffic than you anticipated leaving work so now you've lost 10 minutes you thought you had to yourself at the gym. 

You've been fighting to make sure it was all perfect so that you reached your goal. Don't forget to give yourself credit for what you've already accomplished. You made it to the gym. You started working towards your goal.

 When you know where you want to go in the end. Then you free yourself to take the path you can right now to get there. Maybe that means right now you start out exercising and get to your diet later. Maybe that means you focus on what you're eating until you think you're ready for more. Is 4/5 good meals and 1/5 so-so meals really failing to eat for your goals? I sure hope not.

If you think of your goal in simpler terms you're more likely to meet it:

  • Make it to the gym and do a full body workout for 45-60 minutes
  • Follow some sort of diet
  • Measure how much you're eating somehow, that doesn't have to mean with a scale

Ask yourself if what you're doing today is helping you become better off than you were a few years ago. Keep your fitness solutions simple.