Why My Clients Use the Squat Sponge

The Squat Sponge and Why I chose it

When buying fitness equipment there are endless opportunities to spend thousands of dollars. Some pieces of equipment can be indispensable like a squat rack or a barbell. Others can make you wonder why you bought them in the first place. After it's all said and done the pieces of equipment I buy make a huge difference on the results my clients get so it take some consideration. Here's one of my favorites.

The Squat Sponge

The squat sponge in the studio

The squat sponge is relatively inexpensive, for about $21 on amazon you can have one. The setup is painless, it pops on to a normal sized barbell and can easily be removed.

It has come in handy time and time again performing barbell hip thrusts. For anyone who has ever done this exercise, they know how uncomfortable it can be on the hips when you get enough weight on the bar. The squat sponge is probably the best piece of equipment that I've used for this exercise that wasn't a huge inconvenience.

Building nice glutes is a lot easier using this piece of equipment than any of the other options I've tried which include:

  • Airex Pads- Which start around $65
  • Rolled Yoga Mats
  • My hoodie-I forgot the squat sponge once, didn't end so well

You truly can't beat the squat sponge and it comes in multiple colors! There have been follow up creations of this device since Bret Contreras originally mentioned it in his blog devoted to building glutes and strength and conditioning research but, I prefer the squat sponge and use it myself.