What's So Unique About Simple Solutions Fitness Training?

Simple Solutions Fitness does personal fitness training in a way unlike any other in Columbia, Missouri. What makes it so different?

Call it a compelling competitive advantage if you will, Simple Solutions Fitness is just different. Here's how.

Semi-Private Personal Training

The highest possible quality of personal training within a group. There are benefits to working with a personal trainer on an individual basis. You get every ounce of attention that your trainer has to offer. Semi-Private personal training is able to provide you with this same benefit, in a session that will contain 2-4 people at the most.

On a college team this is done by necessity, NCAA rules only allow so many strength coaches per athlete but, the quality of coaching must be kept super high. They get this done by working in small groups. Having a training partner can be very motivating outside of just your trainer. Someone else expects you to show up, someone else is able to provide you with extra perspective and push you to be your best. One person cannot be everything for everyone and you might find that the other people you train with are able to provide you with really meaningful relationships.

By nature of my previous business hours (8-5 Monday-Friday), my best clients are mainly people who have some control over their own lives and schedule. They get along very well and have made connections outside of training that are deeply meaningful. Business transactions, friendly get togethers and extra training has all been topic of conversations that I've been fortunate enough to witness. I'm still surprised by the number of people that realize they know each other from one circle or another. 

Working out alone can be intimidating for some people. Even experienced clients from time to time can feel intimidated by the fact that they are the center of attention. This is why some people are more likely to workout in a group which I also like. The opposite end of the spectrum is somewhere I don't believe you deserve to be, just a client in a larger group. 

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Why Semi-Private is Best

I've been fortunate enough to work with a large variety of people from varying backgrounds in groups of different sizes. I've been the only trainer in a group of up to 18 clients and in my experience-somewhere around the 6-8 client per trainer mark shifts from training the individual to managing the session. You'll never get that level of attention from me.

The level of the trainer is what really makes the difference here. You might be dealing with people that all have different levels of experience but, there's no reason why they can't all get a really great workout. Treating everyone like they're important is something that I've taken to heart. I can't tell you how much of a difference it's made in the conversations I'm able to have with people and the relationships I've formed. You might have a recipe that you share with a friend, you might workout with your spouse and work together as a team. That positive energy is contagious.

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