What everyone should know about investing time in a coach

What you are getting yourself into: 900 words 5-9 minute read

What everyone should know about investing time in a coach

Key points:

  1. Your time is invaluable. There are only so many hours in a week to spend. Look at where you are investing your time.
  2. The biggest R.O.I. how to find it.
  3. Spend more time on the things you enjoy. Focus on what you do best and know when outsource the rest.

You can apply this to any sort of coaching, but for the sake of this article we are going to specifically talk about personal training. You are reading a fitness post anyhow…

You run a business. You’re always pouring over all the different ways you can get a “Higher return on your investment“. I run my own business. I am right there with you.

The question I am going to answer today is; why you should consider investing your time in a personal trainer. You are, after all, smart enough to figure this fitness thing out on your own.

Quick cost-benefit analysis:

Let’s say you make $100/hour.

You can plug your own income in here since you know your numbers so well.

When you use Simple Solutions Fitness you’ll be able to spend just an hour working out for 4 hours a week max instead of:

  • 2 hours figuring out how to create your initial plan
  • 2 hours a month checking to see if what you are doing is working  (remember you don’t specialize in this so it may take longer)
  • 2+ hours figuring out how to do the exercises you’re picking
  • Countless hours wondering if you’re doing everything right…

Almost all those things are before you actually start exercising!

That’s at least $600/month right there…

Return on investing in a coach

Again let us break this down for you. You are the reason I am writing this so why not make it all about you?

Everyone loves math right? Let’s break this down into time you spend in a week:

24 hours in a day x  7 days week= 168 hours in a week to start.

  • You sleep right? There’s 49-56 hours gone right there (7-8 hours a night)
  • Commute to work? Another 3.5-4.5 hours…and that’s if you only have a 15-20 minute drive one way.
  • Now is where the real business owners know the struggle; If you work a normal work week, 40-50 hours a week, that would leave you with ~57-75 hours week for everything else.

Since you’re in business we both know you invest a little more time than that…

Friends, family, hobbies? All  those things have to fit in somewhere.

You’ve got to make time to ride your scooter right?

Know when to delegate

You know those things that you enjoy in your business? They are the things that you could spend all day doing. For me it’s coaching and teaching people how to move.

You might enjoy getting lost in the marketing of your business;

  • Developing ideas to get more leads and not just more traffic.
  • A/B testing your marketing materials, looking for those small victories than bring a constant steady return.

You might not enjoy…

  • Paperwork.
  • Accounting.
  • Sales.

Those things you do not enjoy suck the life out of you and seem to take longer.

Spend more time on what you like

You can never go wrong following this rule: Focus on what you do best and outsource the rest!

Warning: Do Not get yourself into trouble by not knowing the basics of how to do things. Ex. You may not want to do your own accounting, but you should at least be able to tell if your numbers make sense.

We spend time working with you on the small things you need to know and our job is to know the rest.

Now to decide if coaching makes sense for you…

Who can use a coach?


  • Lebron James has a personal trainer in the offseason.
  • Michael Jordan had a now famous personal coach for his training.
  • Famous singers like Taylor Swift have vocal coaches.

I have a business coach (practice what you teach!)


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back to where we left off….

It does not matter what sort of shape you are in. Even an accountant can have their own accountant!

What to do now:

  1. Look at where you are spending your time now. If you know how to exercise on a plan that works for you without investing much time great. Stop here and teach your family how to do the same.
  2. Do a quick cost benefit analysis. Is it worth it for you to look for some outside help?
  3. If it is worth it…find out more about your options out there. Contact me
  4. Share this post! Reach out on facebook or the comments below. Let us know what you think about hiring someone to do something you don’t like