Welcome to SSF's New Personal Trainer: Christine Lesicko

More often than you'd think we get a new client who I totally believe doesn't need my help. (It's my goal to say this about all of you) They're smart, work hard in many areas of their life, and, they may already work out or have worked out regularly in the past. Christine Lesicko is exactly one of those people.

Christine is a very attentive lawyer (without the legalese?!?), a professor, a certified yoga instructor, and a coach at Rho Engine Room, a local rowing studio. She's a cool, badass person who shares my passion for helping people.

As you can tell, Christine has a passion for learning and educating. We're super excited to have her onboard!

Here's to friendship and growth in service of helping you all.

Steven Mack is founder and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist at the private training studio, Simple Solutions Fitness. He consults for Stronger by Science, a leader in fitness research dissemination, and is a former Mizzou football walk-on. Steven dedicates his professional life to helping people through his writing, speaking, and role as a personal trainer.