Three Apps That Make Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Easier

What are your favorite fitness apps? These three apps might help you get past your tipping point.

Technology is supposed to make our lives simpler. Why does it feel like the app store is filled with sucky apps that just don't?

There are a few apps here and there that do a pretty good job.

I'm going to share with you three apps that have helped me and my clients lose weight and stay motivated.

Happy Scale

I like Happy Scale because of how it visually shows weight change.

Through various statistical smoothing methods, Happy Scale is able to give clients a motivating projection of how their weight is changing.

If you can see that you've been losing or gaining at "X" pounds per week on average, it can help calm that voice in your head saying your diet isn't working.

How it works: First thing in the morning, before you eat and after you go to the bathroom, you enter your weight. Once you have enough data points in the app, it starts showing you projections on how your weight is changing.

I use it myself and like entering my weight, even when I'm not happy with the number because it makes gathering the info seem fun.

Fit Men Cook

The reason why I like Fit Men Cook is the apps all encompassing design.

Fit Men Cook allows me to look up recipes based on category (with appealing photos).

How it works: Once I select a dish, I can then view the macronutrients, cooking instructions, and create a grocery list based on the number of servings.

Some of the recipes don't line up with the way that I like to eat (lower in fat, ~25%, and higher in carb because I'm more active) but, it's a great app that can show my clients how to put the meal prep process together.

Myplate By Livestrong

I like Myplate because it allows me to track and enter food in a user friendly way.

How it works: You start off by entering some basic information about yourself. Once you set some goal, you can track your consumption with MyPlate.

A daily overall calorie goal is displayed at the top of your screen. The ratio of carbs to fats and proteins is displayed below.

Some of the units used in measuring food are more practical, dealing in grams and various servings.

The overall user interface and flow feel more friendly than MyFitnessPal. The one drawback of these apps is the same as any other, some of the user entered information can be inaccurate.

Give these three apps a try for yourself and see if you like them. If you'd like to follow along with my writing, subscribe below!

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