The Quality Pros and Cons of Online Personal Training

Online personal training can be done at varying levels of quality. You'll always miss out on getting immediate feedback. Here are some examples of what benefits various programs might offer.

Online training has some drawbacks. A couple quick ones are the fact that no one can spot you and that no one is expecting you to be somewhere at some specific time. Now that we've gotten those out of the way, here are some of benefits and program features of typical online personal training programs.

This is a follow up post on the financial aspects of online personal trainingThis is about the online training program offerings themselves.

All of these various formats may offer workouts videos or access to different platforms. You can make any of these work for you. It all depends on how much feedback, group or individual support you want/need.

Nutrition may be delivered via a specific coaching program like Precision Nutrition which I hold a certification with..and that I actually have access to, more to come on that, or by tracking macro-nutrients.

Workout of the Month Club

You may get great results from this, if you're working on something really specific like a sport competition this wouldn't likely be a great fit for you. If your goal is you want to look and feel strong then that's a little more specific but, likely a good "body building", "physique", "hypertrophy" or "muscle-building" program will be a good fit for you. (literally just said the same thing in four different ways, that's marketing for you).

This is typically done around a revolving general theme geared towards the desires of the sorts of clients that do business with each business. Some focus on helping athletes and deliver programs for those people. Some focus on women who want to get back into their closet. Men who want to look and feel strong have groups of their own. It's easier to make this work when you can put people in a very general box.

This can be delivered via access to an online platform, emails, PDFs or videos.

Program Templates

These can be sometimes blended in that same category as the workout of the month club. A template is usually something geared towards a specific goal and has been proven to provide consistent repeatable results. This is a good thing. Over time you can measure the results of a template and as more people use it, make tweaks and improvements.

Templates can be put together in a wide variety of ways. You'll see templates that vary by specific event. Some will be called "hypertrophy" or muscle building templates and are good for that goal. A template may also have hybrid goals like muscle-building and strength/power. Typically templates are the same thing as a block in periodization or a cycle. That means groups of 2-6 programs focused on achieving a goal. You template will be typically 4, 8, 12 or 16 weeks long. It's also repeatable.

This is often delivered via PDF, online platform or excel doc.

Individual 1:1 Online Coaching

There is typically a limit to the amount of online coaching that someone will offer in this way. Personalized training programs are developed for whatever place you're in at that time based on where you want to be. Some will offer coaching feedback by having you record video and programs can be adjusted and more fine tuned based on how your program is going. This aspect is more time intensive and more personal so it provides you with a greater level of accountability and motivation.

Communication can be done via weekly check-ins over Skype, text, phone, email etc. There's just something about speaking to someone and hearing their voice.

Specialized Online Group Coaching

You might receive and individual program and work through it with a small group of people that have a similar goal. You might also receive a program as a group and work through it together. The general theme is that this is a hybrid of personal 1:1 training and group training. Simple Solutions Fitness focuses on this business model in person and it is preferred. You benefit from the added support of your small group, you may all ask each other questions in addition to your coach.

Online you may have a small group forum via Google hangout or Facebook group where you can all have office hours and discuss what you've got going for the week.

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