The Fastest Way to Get Stronger, Why I'm Changing Programming

The Scientifically Proven Fastest Way to Get Strong. There are many ways to get stronger, this is the most individual way possible.

Stronger, Faster and Just for You

The APRE is an acronym that has changed the answer to what's the fastest way for you to get stronger?

With years of experience in this system, post knee surgery I added over 200 pounds to my squat in under 3 years.

Bryan Mann is the unquestioned expert on the APRE, among other recent innovations in the world of strength and conditioning. He explains the system in the cleanest way possible in his manual, The APRE (Get a copy for yourself).

Coach Mann, was the assistant director of strength and conditioning during my football career at the University of Missouri. Throughout my time there I personally saw countless teammates of mine progress to seriously impressive levels of strength.

It was not uncommon for our smallest players, defensive backs and punters, to step under a bar with at least 405 lbs for an easy set of 5+ repetitions. What was most impressive is this was typically achieved pretty early on in the program.  

Why did I not think to include this in the programming of my own clients?

Get a trainer that pays attention

Factory gym trainers and gimmick gym coaches don't always have the time to think through and pinpoint what's holding you back from success.

Why My Clients Will Love This

The reasons for overhauling programming for the APRE greatly outweigh an potential arguments against it:

  • It adjusts to the level of progression that each and every person needs-if you need to slow down or speed up, it's got you covered.
  • There's next to zero guesswork involved. You'll never wonder when you should add weight or take weight off the bar.
  • It's built to fit any strength training goal. Speed, Strength, Hypertrophy? All covered.

I'll let you in on one of the key advantages of the APRE it's called autoregulation.


Autoregulation is an advanced concept that can be hard for someone to apply if they aren't personalizing all of their clients programs. You won't see it used because it requires too much attention to detail.

Simply put this means that a program automatically adjusts instead of being fixed. 

Say you come in for a workout and you're feeling really strong today. You'll have a great workout and it just might top the best you've ever done! You won't be held back by your program and a weight that you've exceed. The APRE will adjust to you.

Say another time you come in to workout and you're just not feeling it today. Well the APRE has still got your back. 

There are a few practical ways to integrate auto-regulation into a program. Here's a relevant link to an NSCA article on Practical Auto-Regulatory Strength Training if you want to read more into this subject.

You're ready

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