Take a Break from Dieting

A Diet Reset may be just the thing you need if you've been struggling to stick to your diet

I went to the grocery store the other day to buy a pack of cookies. Well, I planned on cookies or candy or maybe even cereal but when I stood there staring down the Oreos, they didn't look that good anymore. I circled those three aisles for 15 minutes.. It was finally time to get back to healthy eating for me.

Diet Burnout

When you've been dieting consistently for months, you know the feeling. Everything in the candy aisle is calling your name, those cookies look so good, is that a new flavor? It all crosses your mind. You feel so deprived. For my sanity I felt it was time for me to take an intermittent break from dieting. It's a personal struggle of mine.

For the past few months I had it all. Personal temptations for me including binge trips to the cereal aisle, devouring entire boxes in one sitting, new flavors of Oreo-or just flavors I haven't seen in a while, and the occasional gummy piece of candy. Whenever I felt the itch to have it, I scratched it.

Before then I weighed, measured and tracked all of my meals. Part of the time I enjoy this process because it makes cooking for myself super simple. I can buy mass quantities of things I like and make batches. If I'm in a rush, no worries, my system has me covered for a few days in advance. If the week starts and I've got nothing prepared, I'll probably end up eating something I instantly regret so I plan it out.

Now I ended up leaving the store with a box of pancake mix. I just picked it up because I couldn't remember the last time I had some. After I made twice as many as I originally intended to I remembered that's exactly why I don't make pancakes for myself..

Fortunately, you'll eventually get tired of the junk foods

There are tons of different diets out there that typically fall into one of four main categories:

  1. Calorie Restrictive Diets
  2. Carbohydrate Cutting Diets
  3. Fat Cutting Diets
  4. Food Restricting Diets

All of them have flaws and drawbacks but I'll save that for another day. Just know that when you take a break from dieting, you allow yourself to have whatever it is you've been restricting. If it was calories, stop counting them. If it's carbohydrates, eat as many as you'd like-I'd say within reason but then you'll likely start counting them. As long as you keep exercising, you'll be more than fine when you're ready to get back to your diet. Over the long run you'll feel better and can continue to lose weight. 

I don't have a recommended process for how to stop dieting, just eat whatever sounds good for a month or two and you'll thank yourself for doing it.

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