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Personal Training in Columbia, Mo

Never worry about walking into a big gym again.

You won't find supplements or mirrors on display at the studio.

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In-Studio Training

In-studio training with Steven 2-3x per week in a way that helps you feel strong and confident.


  • Personal Training at the Studio
  • Optional weekend workouts to help you stay active.

Program Design

Ready to train on your own at home or in a gym? Let us plan your workouts so you can ditch YouTube and focus on yourself.


  • Exercise program design
  • Monthly check-in and adjustments

Science, not fads

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Science matters. Some essentials of training will never change: effort, sweat, and steady growth will always be part of a good strategy.

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How those essentials are scheduled, planned, and measured should constantly be held against the latest science.

If a training philosophy is based on the latest science, you're getting the best value for your time.

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Training safely

A full 1-hour training consists of:

Warm-up stretches get the muscles ready to work

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Planned resistance training without surprises

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Cooldown stretch and entry of your progress


5-7 minutes of dynamic stretches based on what muscle groups you're training.

Literally warming up is the goal, but you can accomplish more if it's also directed at something specific like a specific skill or physical therapy exercises.

Lower body warm-up example

  • Lunges - to warm up your hips (glutes) and legs.
  • Thoracic mobility drills - to warm up your mid-back
  • A calf stretch and ankle drill - working to drive your heel toward the ground-to warm up your ankles.

Upper body warm-up example

  • A scapular retraction drill
  • A set of bodyweight push-ups
  • Warm-up sets of the movements that you will be training.

Resistance Training

Full body, 2-3 times a week.

Every leg or full-body workout will include a squat variation, deadlift or hip hinge variation, bent-knee hip extension-hip thrusting, and some band work to work your glutes to build a strong base.


  • Barbell Back Squat
  • Barbell RDL (Romanian Deadlift)
  • Barbell Hip Thrust

Variations for skill and ability

Sometimes those typical exercises aren't an option. There are different ways to safely accomplish the same goal with different weights and techniques.


  • Goblet squat
  • Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift
  • Glute bridge

Depending on the goal and your skill level, the volume load (number of sets and reps multiplied by weight used), sets and reps will vary.

Your goals are the key

What are you motivated to do?

Client-centered coaching leads to results because it uses your motives to promote change and persistence.

How sessions are structured all depend on your goals. If you want nicer glutes and don't necessarily care how much you squat then the hip thrust might get more priority when you workout. You'll still squat and do some sort of hip hinge, we'll just spend more time rocking out the hip thrust as well as doing plenty of "accessory" work that hits your glutes differently.


Here we make sure you stretch whatever muscle groups you just worked. If that's your legs you're stretching your hamstrings, glutes, quads, and a few other areas for example.

This is a good time to begin slowing your breathing and beginning your transition back to your day.

Get science-based personal training

Get the best value for your time with a training philosophy based on the latest science.

The Basics of Nutrition

Of course, if you lift weights you'll get stronger but, if you want to fuel your body, good nutrition is necessary.

Eat in a way that supports your current goals and values.

We prefer to leave nutrition to the experts. We're committed to keeping our relationship focused on movement.

If you ask, we can point you in the direction of a resource or someone that can help.

Try one of these options, the first is preferred.

Work with a registered dietitian - we trust Bamboo Nutrition, Greg Schiltz, and Jacob Green.

Try Macrofactor - Lifehacker called it "the best paid diet app". Affiliate code: "simple".

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What we expect

We both want to see results, here's how you do your part:

Communicate. Focus on training safely and precisely.

Maintain a regular schedule.

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Timeliness shows that this is a priority

What about other training?

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Some clients like to pick up their cardio health between workouts.

Physical therapy

We can coordinate training with your physical therapist.

Other trainers

Simultaneously working with other trainers can be difficult, and isn't recommended.

If you googled Personal Trainer Columbia Mo, we would love to help point you in the right direction. Let's talk about what your experience is going to be like.

Make this training a part of your life

Phone: 1-573-443-1495

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