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Start fitness training that fits your goals

Understanding your goals is the first step.


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Training and Nutrition

In studio training directly with Steven 2-4x per week with nutrition planning based on your goals.


  • In-Personal Training at the Studio
  • Additional program design when needed-travel etc.
  • Nutrition Consulting

Program Design

Ready to train on your own at home or in a gym? Let Steven plan your workouts and nutrition.


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Sport Nutrition

Putting in the work but not getting the gains? Work with Steven to develop a nutrition plan.


  • Sport Nutrition Planning
  • Monthly checkin and adjustments

Science, not fads

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Science matters. Some essentials of training will never change: effort, sweat and steady growth will always be part of a good strategy.

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How those essentials are scheduled, planned and measured should constantly be held against the latest science.

If a training philosophy is based in the latest science, you're getting the best value for your time.

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Get science based personal training

Get the best value for your time with a training philosophy based in the latest science.

Training safely

A full 1 hour training consists of:

Warm-up stretches get the muscles ready to work

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Planned resistance training without surprises

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Cool down stretch and entry of your progress

Nutrition check in to keep the gains on track


5-7 minutes of dynamic stretches based around what muscle groups that are being trained

Literally warming up is the goal, but you can accomplish more if it's also directed at something specific like a specific skill or physical therapy exercises.

Lower body warm-up

  • Lunge-to warm-up the hips and legs
  • Thoracic mobility drill-to warm-up the upper back
  • Calf stretch, driving to drive the heel toward the ground-to warm-up the ankle

Upper body warm-up

  • A scapular retraction drill
  • A set of body weight push-ups
  • Warm-up sets of the movements that you will be training.

Resistance Training

Full body, 2-3 times a week.

Every leg or full body workout will include a squat variation, deadlift or hip hinge variation, bent knee hip extension-hip thrusting, and some band work to work your glutes to build a strong base.


  • Barbell Back Squat
  • Barbell RDL (Romanian deadlift)
  • Single leg hip thrust

Variations for skill and ability

Sometimes those typical exercises aren't an option. There are different ways to safely accomplish the same goal with different weights and techniques.


  • Belt squat
  • Dumbbell RDL
  • Band resisted hip thrust

Depending on the goal and your skill level, the volume load (number of sets and reps multiplied by weight used), sets and reps will vary.

Your goals are the driver

How exercises are ordered and structured all depend on your goals. If you want nicer glutes and don't necessarily care how much you squat then the hip thrust might get more priority when you workout. You'll still squat and do some sort of hip hinge, we'll just spend more time rocking out the hip thrust as well as doing plenty of "accessory" work that hits your glutes differently.

Cool down

Here I make sure we stretch whatever muscle groups we just worked. If that's your legs we're stretching your hamstrings, glutes, quads and a few other areas for example. This is a good time to begin slowing your breathing and beginning your transition back to your day.

Nutrition check

Of course if you lift weights you'll get stronger but, if you want to change your body composition (muscle vs fat) nutrition planning is necessary.

If you're eating poorly, you're not going to get the most value for you workout time. Food is more than fuel, it's the building blocks that give you your gains.

Make this training a part of your life

Phone: 1-573-443-1495

  • I want to see changes in my:
  • I want to start:
  • I am interested in training:

What Steven expects

We both want to see results, here's how you do your part:

Focus your mind on training safely and precisely

Maintain a regular calendar schedule

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Your timeliness shows that this is a priority

What about other training?

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Some clients like to pick up their cardio health between workouts

Physical therapy

We can coordinate training with your physical therapy sessions

Other trainers

Working with another personal trainer can be difficult, and isn't recommended.