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Simple Solutions — Online

Steven can program your training and help keep you accountable on the Web.

For some clients, online personal training is a great solution. It's the ultimately flexible schedule for those who need programmed training and nutrition checkins.

How online personal training works

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New training programs are scheduled and tracked from your phone.

Steven will answer your questions and adjust your training to meet your goals.

A CSCS certified trainer will guide you from beginning to your goal.

See your progress and growth along the way. You'll love the results.

3 plans to suit your needs

Training Plan Only

  • 1 hour consultation to understand your goals, abilities and gym resources
  • Custom 4 week training plan delivered to your smartphone.
  • Follow up email
  • 15 minute phone call about next 4 weeks.

Start Simple

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Basic Coaching

  • Everything in the Training Plan, plus:
  • Weekly checkins by video, phone or text
  • Send 3 videos for weekly form assessment

Start Basic

Full Coaching

  • Everything in the Training Plan, plus:
  • Weekly checkins by video, phone or text
  • Send 5 videos for weekly form assessment
  • 30 minute video call

Start Full

About your personal training program

Athletes don't do random workouts — neither should you. Training on a schedule with a plan for growth is how you'll get the results you're looking for.

Short videos accompany each workout, detailing the right form for safely and effectively building muscle.

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Ask questions! As you go, you may find that a particular workout or sequence doesn't work for you. The work out has to work for you first.

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Never generic plans: After consultation, you'll be working a plan that's catered to your goals, your body and your fitness level.

Your unique program will be designed to fit your schedule, the gym accessible to you, and any physical requirements you have. ​It will meet your current ability, but will sustainably take you further.

See a change that lasts

Just answer a few questions on the contact form, and Steven will text or call to schedule your consultation.
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