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Cheeks 4 Weeks

This glutes workshop is a very structured 4 week training that will teach you how to build glutes and strong legs.

A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Steven Mack is a former Mizzou Walk-On and Chicago native that calls Columbia home. 

Get these three lifts just right:

These three lifts are keeping you from getting what you want.

Back squats

Get bar placement right, take exercise breaths with your core, and get foot placement right with your hips to get the most out of your legs and butt.

Hip thrust

Setting your feet and back in the right position to power through this glute workout is crucial to getting the full range of motion.


Assuming the correct stance and setting up your grip will keep the power in your legs and glutes and off your lower back.

What you're getting:

Lifting technique

If you haven't lifted much before, that's fine — Steven will walk you through the safest ways to lift and get the best results and you'll learn why each lift is important.

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Nutrition planning

You'll learn to balance protein to build and keep muscle (what curves are made of) with enough carbs to train hard and healthy fat to help you recover and maintain proper hormone function.

Practice makes perfect

It's not enough to go to an information session once — that's why this is a 4 week workshop. 2 times a week for 4 weeks will build the right habits.

Monthly checkins for 6 months

Building strength and shape is an exercise in patient, well thought out planning and discipline. Steven will build a strength plan for you, and check in monthly to track progress.

4 Fitness Laws of Success

Set the right goal

Picture where you want to be. Is it strength? Body composition? Sport performance? This affects how your program should be setup and carried out.

Select the right exercises

A trainer will help organized the right exercises that challenge the muscles with movements that you want to improve, and recommend an app track your progress.

Balance volume and intensity

Different people respond differently to different amounts of training at different loads. 3 sets of 12 reps is different than 6 sets of 6 reps. Both work.

Make the time

How much time will you prioritize to train? While you can train anywhere 2-7x a week, having a trainer means that time is spent efficiently.

It should be a challenge

Our bodies adapt to challenges — Steven will show you how to pick weights that challenge your body to grow muscle.

If the weights aren’t heavy enough, you aren’t sending your body the signal that you need more muscle; that means you’ll end up looking skinny fat despite constantly working out. If you came here looking to learn how to build glutes, progressive overload will be important.

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