Semi Private Training Studio in Columbia, Mo

Simple Solutions Fitness does personal training in a way unlike most of the other gyms in Columbia, Missouri. What makes it so different?

Simple Solutions Fitness is a semi private personal training only studio.

What is Semi Private Training?

Semi-private training is a type of small group, personal training that involves exercising in groups of two to four.

The key to this type of training is it's size, no more than five people in a room at a time.

The difference between semi private training and small group training is the individuality within a room. In small group training, you're all doing the same workouts. These workouts are often scaled, often when men use different weights than women for the same moves. You see this in crossfit boxes.

Semi private training programs involve unique programs individualized by;

You may share a room with someone but, you're both getting a different program. In other words - Your friend might be performing squats today too but, maybe for different reasons or with a bar instead of a dumbbell.

(Semi-private training may also be defined at some businesses as groups of up to five people exercising.)

(Some gyms offer group training that attempts to seem more semi-private by providing the same 1: 4 or 5 trainer to client ratio - only you may be in a group of ten or more.) Ex. ten people working out with two trainers.

What is a Semi Private Gym?

A semi private gym is a type of boutique fitness studio. Specializing in small group training only, these facilities are typically smaller and may be aimed at one type of fitness training program.

Some of these specialty gyms offer aerobic training only while others are aimed at strength training only or calisthenics.

Here in Columbia, we have a few small studio fitness programs.

For example:

Depending on what you want to get out of exercise, there is a place for you.

Smaller studios began out of necessity. In larger metropolitan areas, commercial lease spaces can be very expensive while space is limited.

When I first began looking for studio space in 2015, the average price per square foot in downtown Columbia was around $16. For comparison, commercial rents in Chicago's newest and best-located office buildings averaged $32.40 in 2015.

What originally began as a trend bourne out of cost and space saving necessity, actually ends up benefiting you.

No longer is your only option pay rent (a gym membership) to a large, sometimes intimidating gym space - you can workout at a small, local community space with familiar faces.

Why Are Group Workouts Better?

Many clients enjoy semi private personal training because they're working out with more than just a trainer in the room.

I hear this from my own clients what seems like every week. Often, people comment on how it's nice to see familiar faces that are also working on bettering themselves. Having a trainer in the room allows the social aspects to stay in balance with exercising.

Don't believe that semi-private training can be effective?

On a college team, semi-private training is a necessity.

When I played at The University of Missouri, NCAA rules limited the number of strength coaches per athlete. The limitation stemmed from larger colleges potentially having a competitive advantage. Despite the size, the quality of coaching must be kept super high.

Motivations for working out in a small group can be simplified:

  • Someone else expects you to show up.
  • You will create connections and friendships.
  • Someone else is able to provide you with extra perspective when you get stuck (you will, we all do).

Working out alone can be intimidating for some people. Even experienced clients from time to time can feel intimidated by the fact that they are the center of attention.

Keeping groups small allows quality to be kept high, without intimidation.

If you want to connect with other people, you have the option to do so. That's the benefit of small studios. I try to host a quarterly social event, oreo and taco themed of course.

If you want to remain private, there is room for that as well. Not everyone comes to the gym to connect.

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