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Sara Baldwin

Registered Nurse

September 07, 2020


  • More energy
  • Muscle tone

Tell us about yourself, your backstory.

Hello! My name is Sara. I am a 26-year-old Registered Nurse living in Columbia Missouri. Before reaching out Simple Solutions Fitness I had never consistently worked out before in my life. Now I am working out 2 times a week and am feeling great about it!

What made you reach out for a personal trainer?

I had been feeling increasingly tired/fatigued throughout the day and I was tired of feeling like I was out of shape all the time.

Why was that important to you?

Having more energy and muscle tone would help me to accomplish more goals in my day-to-day life (work, house chores, social activities, etc.).

Before you got started, what challenges were you faced with?

Finding the motivation to stick with working out and navigating my busy work schedule so that I could fit in times to work out.

What did you want?

I wanted more energy and muscle tone.

What was different about Simple Solutions Fitness? Or why did it stand out to you?

You were very personable and easy to talk to. You never put pressure on me. You gave me the tools and the guidance to complete my workouts and encouraged me to do my best.

How has Simple Solutions helped you succeed in overcoming your challenges?

The thing that has helped me the most is your flexible hours. I let you know what free time I have during the week and you do your best to accommodate that which I really appreciate!

How do you see yourself now?

I see myself as someone with more energy and someone who actually has muscles which is amazing. I also see myself as someone more capable of sticking with a routine.

Sara Baldwin

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