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Blaine Raine

Sales Manager

November 10, 2018


  • Lose weight to keep up with his son
  • Learn what it takes to live a healthful lifestyle
  • Look but, more importantly feel stronger

In February of 2018, I turned 29 and I decided I didn’t want to be a fat guy anymore. I weighed 300 lbs. and I was fed up with feeling awful. I had a lot of trouble keeping up with my son, Kayden, who was 2 at the time. He had all the energy in the world and I had very little. I was even developing some social anxiety, because I didn’t like my appearance.

I knew I needed to make some changes, but I didn’t know how to do it. I knew I needed to eat less and exercise more, but I knew there had to be more to it.

One day, while browsing the net for a gym to join, I came across the website for Simple Solutions Fitness. I submitted my info and scheduled a consultation.

Steven was very knowledgeable and friendly. Everything he was saying made perfect sense and there was even a guarantee, so I signed up for a 3 month training program. I am extremely happy with that decision.

The workouts were personalized and realistic. I learned that you don’t have to work yourself to the bone in order to lose weight. Working out with Steven added accountability, which really helped me stay on track.

The training program came with nutrition coaching, which was amazing. It helped me to change my eating habits. I now understand what it takes to live a healthful lifestyle and I am confident.

I will continue to use this information for the rest of my life.

It has now been eight months since I started my weight loss journey and I have lost 80 lbs. and I feel so much stronger than I ever have before. I feel great and I love hearing from everyone I know about how great I look.

These days, Kayden runs out of steam long before I do. Results like mine take dedication and the right approach.

If you are serious about losing weight and/or getting into shape, you need to talk to Steven Mack at Simple Solutions Fitness.

Blaine Raine

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