Practical secrets I learned by not dieting for 8 months

Practical secrets I learned by not dieting for 8 months

Look good without constantly worrying about it

You want to look good, I do too

You might call it “healthy toned” or “fit”, how you say it isn’t important. We all have a picture in our heads.

I lost 30-pounds in 6 months. Now it took me about 6 months to get ready to lose weight and I played Division I football mind you. I know it’s tough, I failed at first. Once I got started on the right track there was no turning back. I’ll tell you a little about it.

How I planned my 30-pound weight loss:

I set out and did my research. There are safe ways to lose weight fast. The only problem is many of them don’t really make it easy on you. So I decided to lose weight fast and I even set up a strategy to keep it off.

  1. I set a goal for how much weight I wanted to lose in the next 6 months and how much I needed to work out. 25 pounds, 3 times a week for an hour. It has to be specific.
  2. I decided I might as well try carb cycling, It’s actually one of the most effective ways to lose weight fast.
  3. I went to the store, cried a little bit after I saw my grocery bill and bought a food scale and Tupperware.
  4. I weighed every single piece of food I ate and tracked my calories. Half the power of going on a diet short term is that it makes you extremely aware.
  5. Once that was over I wanted to know how to keep the weight off, I settled on eating the Precision Nutrition way. It’s highly effective, foolproof and realistic.

I actually lost a little more weight than I wanted so I started eating Ice cream…

That’s when those bad habits came back.

1. I have some bad habits

Along the joyful calorie counting road to weight loss I learned a few things:

  1. I don’t care how much you love chicken, three meals a day of anything will bore the heck out of you. To put it in perspective I needed to eat about 220 grams of protein in a day. That’s a lot of chicken.
  2. Spices add flavor without adding calories! It’s a good thing I love black pepper and red pepper flakes.
  3. Everyone loves to judge you for trying something. Oh yeah, you try whipping that food scale out in public. You’ll get a few stares and repetitive questions every meal.
  4. Even though it was totally hard. I fell in love with the process, my brain is wired like that.

I smoothly transitioned into a habits based approach after about two days off. After trying something super strict like that, it had to be easy right? Heck no.

I have decent habits, but I can work on them…

Actually, I’m not alone.

2. 67.3% of Americans have bad habits

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 67.3% of Americans have a BMI >= 25.

BMI stands for body mass index and is a measurement of weight in proportion to height. Can you remember the last time someone you know swore that they were taller than actually are?

Imagine how many people there are out there under-reporting their weight and over reporting their height.

Now while BMI is not a perfect measure, a lot of the data is self-reported, it is a starting point.

Do you want to look good without worrying about it? Fix those habits!

The CDC put together 8 Steps to Improve Your Eating Habits.

3. The Little Changes Get the Biggest Results

The secret to controlling your weight over the long haul is in those little changes. Now don’t get me wrong here. They may seem small when you say them, but they can be big changes in someone’s life.

A few small things you can change for a big result include:

  1. Drinking enough water.
  2. Eating enough fruits and vegetables.
  3. Consuming enough protein.
  4. Eating enough healthy fats.

Pick one thing at a time, make it simple, and work on it for a couple weeks until you have it down. That’s exactly how I train my clients.

Focus on what works for you.

Now you may want to go for your biggest habit right away and change it but you might need some time to work up to that. Some of my worst habits include:

  • Binge eating, yes actual binge eating, I’ve always struggled with this. Making meals in advance seriously helps me.
  • Little snacks add up on me, I have a bad habit of little handfuls of almonds here and there. Sometimes I go through a 2-pound bag in half a week. Don’t eat directly out of packages.
  • I am chronically dehydrated, I never drink enough water.
  • I don’t get enough vegetables.

You get the jist of it. I’m not exactly normal but besides the binge eating, most anyone can relate.

76% of Americans do not eat enough fruit and 89% do not consume enough vegetables.

I picked an easy habit. Once I started focusing on getting more vegetables, I started seeing some real results.

4. Everyone Slips Up

Now you and I both know very well that making changes isn’t easy. There will be some ups and some downs. Yes, I do succumb to that bowl of ice cream occasionally, some weekends are worse than others.

Thousands have kept significant weight off.

The National weight control registry tracks over 10,000 individuals that have lost significant amounts of weight and kept it off. How have they done it?

  • 98% Modified their food intake.
  • 94% Increased their regular physical activity.

They aren’t the only one’s who have had some success. The Precision Nutrition system is another way to change habits.

5. One habit worth considering

Prepare your meals in advance.

You can tolerate leftovers but slow down, that isn’t necessarily what I meant.

There is more than one way to prepare your meals in advance to set yourself up for success.

  1. Mass batch all your meals on a day where you have your most free time.

    1. A lot of people take 3 hours on a Sunday and cook all their meals for the week.
    2. Owning lots of Tupperware, keeping refrigerator space and a small cooler aren’t necessary but they do help.
  2. Do a small meal prep every day.
    1. The next option is to do a little prep work every morning for the day’s’ meals. It should take less than 30 minutes once you get the hang of it.
  3. Prepare only a few of your meals in advance.
    1. Even if it is only preparing your lunch, every little bit helps right? You have a busy enough work schedule. You can avoid running across town this way.


Some of the biggest secrets aren’t secrets at all. Now you may wonder how someone can afford to eat a piece of cake without gaining weight. More than likely they generally have good habits.

If you have ever wondered how you can lose weight with minimal effort then take the habit based approach. You won’t burn out and you won’t gain the weight back.

The smartest people in the world recognize that they can’t do everything themselves.

If you need help changing your habits recruit a friend or family member to back you up. Everyone has to start somewhere and home is a great place to begin.