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Steady, effective results

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Understanding your goals is the first step.

Reliable Results

Progress that you can actually track

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Set a goal that excites you and fits your lifestlye

Find the best diet for you right now

Lose or gain weight without surprises

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Science, not fads

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Science matters. Some essentials of nutrition will never change: controlling calories, eating enough protein and consistency will always be part of a good strategy.

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How those essentials are scheduled, planned and measured should match up with your goals and lifestyle.

If a nutrition philosophy is based in the latest science, and planned around what you enjoy, you're more likely to stick to it and get the best results.

Don't let sometimes foods become everyday foods.

Your Goals Dictate Your Nutrition

Weight Loss

  • Burn fat by using more energy than you eat
  • Eat enough protein to keep the muscle and curves you have
  • Stay consistent by eating things you enjoy

Add Muscle

  • Build muscle while minimizing excessive fat gain
  • Eat more palatable foods that allow you to add weight (maybe ice cream)
  • Break through weight gain plateus

Learn How to Stay Consistent

  • Practice simple, effective habits
  • Find your bright spots
  • Learn strategies and techniques that help when you get busy

Gain More Energy and Feel Better

  • Eat nutrients that support your health
  • Find a balanced eating lifestyle
  • Get down to a healthy weight or maintain

Programs that focus on different goals can have some key differences. Meal planning, portion sizing and food choices change from goal to goal. You'll find the options that match your goals.

Individual Approaches to Nutrition

There is no perfect one-size-fits-all nutrition plan for everyone.

That's why you need helping figuring out the right meal plan for you.

Habits Based Meal Plans

  • A simple meal plan to lose weight. Providing easy steps you can follow.
  • Positive reinforcement for what you're already doing well with.
  • Techniques and strategies that you can implement into your life every day.

Macronutrients Diet Plan

  • A list of acceptable foods and amounts to eat.
  • Timing based on your schedule and goals.
  • Resources and recipes for more independent clients.

Get science based nutrition plans

Get the best value for your time with a nutrition philosophy based in healthy eating.

Goals and Measurements

Pick a Goal to Start

We will sit down to find out more about you, what your goals are and why they are important to you. We'll periodically reassess to find out:

  • What are you struggle with?
  • What are you doing awesome at?
  • How can we do more of the awesome stuff?

What if Your Goal Changes?

Sometimes your goal changes. There are different ways to smoothly transition your fat loss program into a muscle gain or maintenance program.

  • Adjust your diet so you don't gain all your fat back
  • Making changes as your body changes
  • Do you need to take a break from dieting?

Depending on the goal and your skill level, the plan will vary.

Nutrition check

Of course if you lift weights you'll get stronger but, if you want to change your body composition (muscle vs fat) nutrition planning is necessary.

If you're eating poorly, you're not going to get the most value for you workout time. Food is more than fuel, it's the building blocks that give you shape.


Supplements may or may not be recommended. Typically this is only recommended if it feels necessary or convenient. One instance might be if you're having trouble getting enough protein in.

Four common effective supplements:

  • Creatine
  • Protein Powders
  • Fish Oils
  • Multi-Vitamins

Some of these are vetted and sold at the studio. Those that are not, will not be found there. You can bring in your favorite brand to find out if it's quality.

Make this Eating a Part of Your Life

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Nutrition Plan FAQs:

How Do I Make A Nutrition Plan?

For Habits Based Meal Plans I use a curriculum-based system called Precision Nutrition.

Coaching looks like the following four steps:

  1. You'll have a consultation with me over the phone or in-person so we can chat about your goals.
  2. Once we know what your goals are, we'll talk about how we plan to get there.
  3. With my support, we'll make adjustments, increasing challenges as needed.
  4. We'll adjust as your goals change, they will, especially after we reach your first one!

For Macronutrient Based Diets, we'll follow a systematic process that will leave you feeling like you know more about your metabolism:

  1. We'll calculate your basal metabolic rate
  2. We'll factor in your amount of daily activity (formal exercise and general activity).
  3. After two to four weeks, we'll know if your weight is trending up, if you're losing weight or if you're maintaining.
  4. We'll make adjustments based on that feedback.

Calculating calories is not perfect but we can get within 5-10%.

Both approaches to nutrition plans work. Think of me as your sherpa, you're going to put in the work but I will be your guide. There are no "good foods" or "bad foods" only foods that support your current values.

It's alright to adjust or abandon a goal. This coaching is all about you and finding something that works.

For more information on choosing between a macronutrient and habits based diet, read this.

Will a Nutritionist Give Me a Meal Plan?

I am not a nutritionist and cannot give you a meal plan. I operate within my scope of practice as a trainer and do not practice dietetics, medical nutrition therapy, or provide any medical advice or health-related counseling.

I refer clients with more intensive nutrition needs to seek out a registered dietitian that they're comfortable with.

What is Simple Solutions Fitness' Cancellation Policy?

I try to keep things as easy as possible. You may cancel your plan or change plans at any time by emailing [email protected] Your paid plan will end on the date of your next billing cycle (i.e. the month or year anniversary of whenever you first paid for your plan's start).