Nicer Glutes, Why I Bought a Hip Thruster

The Hip Thruster is the easiest way to perform the barbell hip thrust. Here's why I bought one.

The barbell hip thrust is a bent knee hip extension exercise. It's important because it builds your glutes in a different way than the squat and the deadlift, the most commonly used exercises to build leg strength. Strong glutes are very important for sport performance but let's be honest they make you look good in just about anything.

the hip thruster in the fitness studio

I've personally gotten a lot more compliments and grabs (unsolicited) since I started hip thrusting consistently and I've heard the same from clients. My knee pain used to be a daily occurrence but it has completely disappeared and I feel a lot faster. I wish I discovered this exercise before I went through college, I could've played football better, I'm sure of it.

The barbell hip thrust can be performed on a regular bench but, it's even easier when performed on a Hip Thruster. In addition to barbell hip thrusts, the setup for banded hip thrusts is also painless with an anchor on each side. There are some additional exercises that can be perform with it but to be honest I don't utilize them (banded deadlifting for example).

The Hip Thruster isn't cheap but it is not the most expensive piece of fitness equipment you'll find. It sells for $499 at