Can you Never Step Foot in a Gym Again?

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Can you Never Step Foot in a Gym Again?

Key Points:

  1. If you run a business your time is already limited and invaluable, you can save some of it escaping the gym.
  2. The investment may seem expensive at first but it may not need as much equipment as you may think. Stick to the basics and buy a couple extra pieces like a hip thruster.
  3. Keep yourself accountable by recruiting a friend or hiring a personal trainer.

You’re awoken by the sound of your alarm screaming on the nightstand. Your eyes slowly roll forward as you begin to drag yourself out of bed again toward the shower. Up before the sun, headed into the gym early because it is the only time you can avoid the lines.

Finding time to exercise seems nearly impossible when you run a business. Especially when 15-20 minutes are spent waiting on everyone else. You can always make more money, but you can never get your time back. 

You want to finally get in better shape but, you can’t seem to get yourself to the gym.–no time, it’s not convenient, or you just flat out feel uncomfortable going.

This article is going to cover ways you can workout without a gym.

Benefits of Escaping The Gym Crowd:

  • Work on your time. No more traveling across town to wait in line.
  • No need to wear makeup  or dress up.
  • You won’t have to worry about the awkward looks people give.
  • Worry about if you’re doing an exercise right and not how you look doing it.
  • If you buy your own equipment it may seem expensive upfront but you will save more over time.

Warning: This is not ideal for everyone. It requires a great amount of knowledge, will power and creativity in varying levels. Even if you have equipment in your home it is not a good investment if you cannot get yourself to use it.

We will go in order from the easiest to more creative options in my experience.

In Order of Creativity: Easiest to Most Creative

There are dozens of ways to exercise without hitting the gym. The easiest way would be to outfit your own home with some exercise equipment. Time is a valuable asset and this saves the most of it. You do not need a ton of space or a bunch of overpriced machines designed for one exercise. You can get by with three levels of equipment:

1. Full on home gym:

  • A Rack for squatting, benching and some pull up attachments. This one piece of equipment could be the only thing you buy and your gym would still be complete.
  • Barbell and weight plates. You may or may not need a good amount of weight depending on how strong you are. To save a buck and some space avoid purchasing 35 pound plates. Who needs those when you can use a 10 and a 25?
  • Dumbbells- You can get a set or you can buy an adjustable pair. I use an adjustable pair to travel to clients without taking up too much trunk space.
  • Bands- You could create an entire workout with a set of bands.  You could also mix up the resistance of different exercises using the bands. You can never have too many bands, they snap when you least expect it.
  • *Glute Ham Raise
  • *Reverse Hyper
  • *Hip thruster
  • Sled or Prowler (Conditioning gold)

*You can do without these* but they provide huge benefit. If you want to take your workout above the norm, buy these and use them. Upgrading?; I would buy the Prowler, Hip thruster, Glute Ham Raise and Reverse Hyper. In that order. *No affiliate links here just products that I have used myself or that I know work!*

2. Core Essentials:

Some of the pieces in the full on gym, a step above the minimum.

  • A Rack
  • Barbell and some extra plates
  • Bands
  • Adjustable dumbbells or a set

3. Barebones:

  • Bands
  • Adjustable dumbbells
  • Creativity

Using Just Your Bodyweight?

If weights are not your thing then do not worry. I thought of you too. There are several ways to get good resistance. The cheapest way to do this is bodyweight exercises.

Now you may or may not want to buy a pull up bar or find one at your local park (monkey bars work too). This can help you with one of the biggest bang for your buck exercises ever. The pull up.

A bodyweight exercise routine can be fun if you are creative. Exercises like; pushups, situps, towel rows and squats all work. To mix it up you could do different things without adding weight. Move at different speeds, mix up the number of reps you do, or you can keep things simpler.

How You Can Make This Approach More Effective

There can be a potential drawback when you remove the social environment. (Sociology minor I spent all that money on finally coming into play!). If you go at the same time, you’ll notice that year in and year out, you see the same people. Those people in a way are holding you accountable. They might ask why you haven’t been in if you miss a day.

The power of accountability drags you out of bed when that alarm clock is going off and you just aren’t feeling it today.

Here are some ways to recreate it:

  • Bring your significant other, you might enjoy the bonding time if you don’t have activities you do together.
  • Tell friends and family members to come over and work out with you. You might need a spot on some exercises to stay safe.
  • Some people like to take pictures working out and post them on social media.
  • Probably the most effective way might be to hire a personal trainer. A qualified one.

What to do now:

  1. Try before making a big investment! The last thing I want you to do is go out and make huge purchases. Find out you’re the type of person that needs to go to the gym. Used fitness equipment can lose a lot of value if you need to sell.
  2. Recruit a loved one or hire a personal trainer. Set some goals and find ways to make this approach work for you. It’s an investment.
  3. Share your experience with other! You might find that your neighbors might want to join. Someone may have some experience with this . You can learn from each other.

If you would like to hire someone to help you branch out on your own, I’ll shamelessly plug my services:

I’m a personal trainer.

Officially, I help busy professionals exercise and learn how to live adaptable healthy lifestyles on a schedule that works for them either in home or in office.

Basically, a fancy way of saying, I help create the active lifestyle of your dreams.

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