Learn How to Get the Results You want, My Goal for You This Year

As a personal fitness trainer, I help people reach their goals. Here are some of my goals for you in 2017

I have great things planned for you this year. Now that we've gotten into the full swing of the new year, it might seem a little played out to still be talking about goals. By this point some people have already moved on and are looking to maybe get started in 2018.. What I hope to accomplish is to pull back the curtains a little bit and share as much high quality information and learning with you as possible.

You'll Learn More About How to Get Results

In the past year, I've grown a lot more personally-yes I also struggle with weight loss and reaching my ideal body-and professionally. Every single one of my clients has grown stronger in the past year due to their hard work and determination and I would love to say that I had even the smallest part in helping them.

Taking advantage of the invaluable resources that have been afforded to me, I developed a better relationship with my college strength coach whom I would consider a friend and mentor, Bryan Mann. This has allowed me to get a deeper perspective and understanding on all of the methods and inter workings involved  in creating top notch programming in strength and conditioning. I've also developed a better scientific mind.

At times it can be hard to distinguish between what's real and what someone is saying to sell a book and to have perspective on what really works is huge. I will never claim to have all of the facts, in fact I'll never claim that I know very much at all but, I will admit that I love what I do and spend hours reading and applying what I am learning to help my clients reach their goals. If at all possible I try things on myself and see how they work before testing on my clients whom I consider family. 

In sessions I try to share what I am learning and teach people about how we're taking concepts and theories and applying it to their training. The best knowledge comes from books, the dense ones that make you snooze a little bit and reminisce on school? Love them. 

A few books on my list that I believe will help my clients get even better results are:

  • The Physiology of Training for High Performance by Duncan MacDougall
  • Statistics in Kinesiology-4th Edition by William Vincent, Joseph Weir 
  • Basic Biomechanics 7th Edition by Hall
  • Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism by Sareen S. Gropper, Jack L. Smith, Timothy P. Carr 

In addition to understanding the psychological, nutritional and emotional pieces that help make up great training. I will be purchasing and starting with these books to get a deeper understanding of the physiological and bio-mechanical principles that determine how to best individualize a training program based on your goals, abilities and medical profile. 

If you read this I greatly appreciate your dedication to getting better and I try to do a great job of sharing what I'm learning. Periodically I look back on old work and wonder what I was thinking but as long as I'm always remaining critical I'm happy. Happy learning!

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