Is my personal trainer right for me?

Here is a cheat sheet on the top 5 things to look for when choosing the right personal trainer for you.

Is my personal trainer right for me?

Choosing a personal trainer can be very difficult

1. Does His/Her style fit my goals?

If you are hiring a personal trainer, you would assume that this person knows how to stay in shape themselves. If they are training themselves (they should be) then they will have methods that they like, that have gotten them results in the past. All of this is great! they know themselves and have done enough experimenting to know what works for them. The problem comes when they think that their style of training is superior to all others and works for everyone's goal. If your goal is not to look like a bodybuilder or a powerlifter, then why would you work out like one?

2. Is your trainer adaptable?

The best personal trainers steal methods from all sorts of different styles in order to come up with good blends that work for each particular client. Some people get the best results working out three days a week, others need a little more and respond better to four days a week. The best trainers will know how to adapt a program to your needs a will make tweaks over time to ensure you are getting the best results. This leads me to my next point…

3. Is your trainer constantly learning/experimenting?

I know experimenting sounds crazy but that’s really all this is about! In order to find out if someone is eating enough or exercising enough first you need to track what they are doing now, and then study the cause and effects of the changes you make as you go. If your trainer is not actively seeking to learn more about you or your body or new discoveries in the field then they aren’t experimenting on themselves or you to see what works best. If that’s what you’re paying for then you are better off buying a magazine and repeating the same workout they print there because they know just as much about your body as that trainer would.

4. A little obvious but, is your trainer relatable?

Everyone has a different style. Some trainers are in your face and overly aggressive, others might be more like myself, a little laid back but don’t mistake that for weakness. If you don’t look forward to working with your trainer or if at the very least you don’t get the results you are paying for, then what’s the point? Someone who is relatable will understand how to work with you in order to push you closer to your goals.

5. Is your trainer overly cautious/insecure?

Insecurity is one of the worst outfits you can wear. Someone who lacks confidence in their clients will not push them to lift weights that might be a little heavier than they are used to. A trainer who does not learn new things himself/herself will be someone who does not share knowledge. You need someone who has a passion to constantly learn and grow and teaching is one of the best ways to learn. The best coaches understand that you have to sometimes blur the line between perfect form and pushing someone in order to get them results! Being overly cautious is not going to get you anything different from what you haven’t already gotten.