How to Talk to Your Spouse About Starting Training

Telling someone they might want to hire a personal fitness trainer is a tough conversation, how do you start it without coming off in the wrong way?

  1. Listen
  2. Tell them, "Hey I heard you say____, is that something you're looking to change?"
  3. If it is-"Great, I know a guy, his name is Steven, can he give you a call?"

I'll break this down a little further.

What to Listen For

The fitness conversation is a tough one. If you're listening to what your significant other is saying, (if you're not I can't help you ha!) you want to be able to understand what they might be trying to tell you in not so many words.

You may hear things like:

  • My clothes don't fit
  • I want to get back into my wardrobe
  • I don't feel like I have any energy
  • I feel out of shape
  • I want to look good for that trip we have coming up

How do you voice your concerns?

When it comes time for you to have the conversation you want to know how to voice your appreciation for their concern in a non-offensive manner. Mention it casually, say something like "Hey, I heard you talk about training before, is that something you're interested in doing?". You're not suggesting that they need to start training or telling them what to do. You're just letting them know that you listen.

When it comes time to have the conversation, if they've talked about it, it will be easy. You'll want to have a solution planned out in advance if they are interested in training. I would love to help be the solution you offer your spouse (Wink, wink). You may also have another fitness option that you two come to when you explore the conversation. As long as that person does something and gets exercising, I'm happy. Growing the number of active people in my community and to the far reaches of wherever this is being read is important to me.

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