How to Stop Binging on Oreos

It can be really difficult to shake unhealthy foods when they are so readily accessible. You can still enjoy the pleasure in Oreos but, pay attention to when that pleasure stops.

I've struggled with binge eating for almost half of my adult life. Boxes of cereal in a sitting, 5 pound bags of sour patch kids in two days, packs of Oreos at a time.

You name a candy and I've likely devoured it.

Ice Cream, wafer and Oreo in a glass cup

I hold a degree in health sciences. I recognized unhealthy self-diagnosed eating patterns in college. The hid behind all the time and energy I spent playing college sports.

Many college athletes finish their careers with unhealthy habits.

It's taken me about 5 years to get back to a point where the binging has stopped. Recently, I got some advice from someone who's dealt with addiction herself before-Kelly Coffey.

Kelly has helped thousands of women break their cycles of self sabotage.

Kelly shared some helpful advice with me that I can't understate the value of. She didn't tell me to put down the Oreos, that's hard enough as it is. What she told me was to pay attention to the pleasure I experience when I eat my first 4-6 Oreos.

When that pleasure disappears, I can stop and set the Oreos down. How you feel after you eat is something that can drown in the flow of the day.

If you're struggling with an addiction, Kelly is a tremendous resource. She offers a free online workshop found here; “Why We Sabotage Ourselves with Food, and What We Can Do About It".

Feeling intune with yourself is truly something that takes practice. Whatever that Oreo is for you; I hope you feel inspired to try again today.

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