How to Steal Time as a Busy Mom

You need to be a little more selfish sometimes. Don't forget, spending time on yourself sets a good example for anyone else who's watching you. An hour long swimming lesson means you can spend 30 minutes working out yourself.

If you plan yourself in your schedule like soccer practice, or nap time, you'll be happier.

Mise En Place

It's a fancy french term for "put in place". Everything in your schedule has it's place. If you want to make you time happen, you have to schedule it.

Why not just let it fit into your day?

In the morning, you wake up and get everyone ready before you rush those last few minutes to get yourself ready. One kid has to go to school on this side of town. The other kid just started high school so that's ten more minutes of traffic across town. Your husband hits the gym on his own and then does to work.

Your family relies on you to wear many hats. You're Mom, a taxi cab driver, a semi-professional chef, the occasional boo boo doctor, wife and a part time counselor. You might also have a job of your own to do by the way.

If you want to make time for yourself, you need to get out your calendar and remember a few things:

  • If you plan something, it tends to happen.
  • You're a priority too.
  • An hour long swimming lesson means you can spend 30 minutes working out yourself.
  • A go to routine takes less time so make one up! (or let someone else).
  • Sometimes you will have to skip out on working out.

Don't forget, spending time on yourself sets a good example for anyone else who's watching you.

Get started today

Let's chat, establish goals and build a sustainable plan for your fitness. 

Tips to Make This Work When Your Schedule Doesn't

Sometimes you can get to the gym and have that same hour that everyone else does. If you can then great! Enjoy that 2-6 times a week (okay, maybe 2-3 is more realistic).

There are ways you can squeeze out a little more time in your schedule:

  • Spend most of your time in the gym on the most effective exercises first. 
    • Squats, Hip Thrusts, Romanian Deadlifts, Presses, Pulls. Work around these.
  • Save go to workouts on your phone.
  • Spend time making a go to playlist. You'll actually be more motivated.
  • Bring the gym home. Some gyms don't have childcare. Use what you have!
  • Include the kids.

Ideas for Working Out at Home

Sometimes you can't make it into the gym, that's okay. Weights aren't the only kind of resistance out there. You can use things like:

  • Your bodyweight.
  • Your kids bodyweight.
  • 12 oz cans.
  • Resistance Bands.
  • At home workout equipment

Involving the kids gives you a chance to teach them something fun as well. I've had clients come in with children from time to time and it's a joy. Any exercise mom and dad can do, they want to try it. We work to scale it down to something they can do, you might do the same at home.

These kids often can't do pull ups but, that doesn't stop them from trying.

Some of them are impressed by what their bodies can do. Strength training is also a form of exercise that some kids really enjoy because you don't have to be in great cardio shape to start.

Here's a simple circuit I've had some parents do when they're stuck at home. Most of these can be done with little to no equipment. That means the kids can do them too:

  1. Lunges
  2. Single Leg Hip Thrust or Glute Bridge
  3. Side Lying Clams
  4. Push-Up or Push-Up from knee
  5. One arm or Inverted Rows

Don't be afraid to use whatever you can find for those rows. Try it for 2-3 rounds every 2-3 days you're finding yourself away from the gym.