How Often Will You Train at Simple Solutions Fitness?

How personal fitness training is broken down at Simple Solutions Fitness, how often you should expect to come.

How many times a week you need to come is a question that I get very often during a consultation. Here's an explanation of how often you should expect to come.

2-3 times a week is what I tell many clients. Scientifically, there is not a major difference between 2 and 3x a week training for the first three months if volume and intensity are equal. Meaning that if you can fit the same number of exercises, sets, reps and lift the same weights in two sessions per week vs three, for the first three months you will get relatively the same results. After that first three months there becomes a huge advantage in the increased frequency and the amount of total volume you're able to fit in over the course of a week.

2 and 3 time a week personal training is done in a full body workout with your most strenuous and important exercises coming at the beginning of your session. Depending on the goal the methods used may changed such as the use of paired sets, circuits, compound sets etc. You program is individual to you so you may be in the same session as a friend but, you might be doing different variations of different exercises or have different accessory exercises.

For clients that want to work with me more often or want to step it up a little bit then 4 time a week personal training is an option. 4 time a week training is done typically with an upper-body/lower-body split routine, upper body having two sessions in the week and lower body having two sessions. The split allows for increased volume per session, you can spend an entire hour focusing on just your glutes and your legs and benefit greatly in this way. Periodically for a month or two in the past I have mixed in some push/pull to a 4 day split for variety and novelty. If someone wanted to do so I could train them more frequently-5 or 6 times a week, but I haven't found anyone who needs or desires that frequent of training with me yet.

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What If You Want to Workout More Outside The Gym? 

This number can be somewhat flexible. When someone comes to me for help, I try not to fit them in a box of how many sessions a week they can physically see me. I think of how many times this person would like to train and if they would like to workout some on their own. This option is one I hesitate to make available because I want to be sure you're well versed in any of the exercises that I would be telling you to perform and I also want to make sure that it is still something you're committed to doing when I'm not there. It's worked out well so far. 

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