How Do We Monitor Your Progress and Results at Simple Solutions Fitness?

Progress is why you hire a personal fitness trainer, how do we keep track of your training at Simple Solutions Fitness?

Results are exactly what you pay for, when it comes to tracking them-your goal is what we focus on tracking the most. All of these things are tracked regardless but for you, we may want to pay attention to some more than others.

If your goal is to look better than the best way to track that is with pictures. You don't have to submit progress photos to me it is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. I will say that this is something you'll really want to have for your own personal records. Even if you never do anything with these photos as far as posting is concerned, it'll be really nice to look back and reflect on as you work towards your goals.

If your goal is to lose weight, then we'll focus on how much you weigh and track that trend over time. A weight fluctuation from day to day is completely normal and there's no reason to get upset over a single weigh in. It will not tell you much without context. We look at that trend over one and two week time frames. If we see that number is trending in the direction that we want to go then great, if not then we might look at what your other metrics are telling us.

What about tracking calories and how much you're eating? By the nature of it, it's hard to get a ball park estimate of how many calories you're consuming in a day without directly measuring that-calorie labels are an estimate in themselves-but, your scale can give us some feedback on this. If your weight is staying the same and you're training hard then we can assume you're in a weight maintenance. If your weight is trending down over time then we know you're hypocaloric or in negative calorie balance. If your weight is trending up then we know that you're hypercaloric or in a positive calorie balance.

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How about tracking bodyfat? Outside of using a DEXA or DXA (Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) machine, which is a low dose of X-ray that scans your entire body-body fat measurement is extremely inaccurate. Pinching calipers and many of the other available options on the market are all attempting to recreate what the DXA accomplishes as it will tell you your bone density, fat mass and fat free or lean mass and specifically where it is located. We used one at the University of Missouri when I played football every 3-6 months and it was a huge benefit. If you want to really know what your body fat is, see if you can find one of these until I save up the thousands to buy one of my own...Here's one location in Columbia, Missouri that does this

We track your lifting numbers using a system that was developed to monitor college athletes and teams. Your program is individual to you but, this app allows me the ability to deliver you a workout that I write and can change during those times when you cannot make it in or when modification is needed. This is also what gives me the flexibility to deliver training to those people that may start off with meeting with me twice a week and desire to add more training but conduct this on their own. If your main lifts are going up over time then we can assume your program is successfully making you stronger. 

The ratio of lifts is also something to pay attention to, if your deadlifts and other hip hinges are drastically stronger than your squatting lifts then we need to isolate and focus on developing your leg strength. If your squatting numbers are drastically stronger than your deadlifting then we need to isolate and strengthen your back. If we are currently working in one repetition range, say hypertrophy 6-12 reps, then it does not make sense to test your 1 rep max to see if you're making progress, we'd likely look at your 10 rep max to give us an idea if you're continually improving.

Things like back pain and energy are very subjective. I could ask you on a scale of 1-10 on a regular basis if your back as been bothering you but it's hard to quantify. You'll feel better relatively quickly as we get into training. My preferred method of measuring whether or not this problem is being solved is by randomly asking someone if their back pain has improved while we work to develop more lower back, glute and hamstring strength to reduce stress on these areas. 

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