Fitness Studio Gets Updated!

A behind the scenes look at some recent changes in the fitness studio.

While Simple Solutions Fitness has always worked to help women feel strong and confident, that mission has become even more focused in my 4th year as a private training studio. (The first year and a half I was a remote personal trainer).

To help clients better, I did two impactful things:

  1. I enrolled in Psych Skills for Fitness Professionals hosted by Dr. Lisa Lewis.
  2. I signed up for a business for a course hosted by Mark Fisher of Mark Fisher Fitness.

Psych skills have helped me teach clients to get and stay motivated. Mark Fisher has helped me systemize more of those motivations to help ensure everyone gets the level of care they need.

Getting the Studio Painted and Updated

In 2018 I interviewed Mark at the Kansas City Fitness Summit. (I was supposed to interview Lisa's Husband Tony and sadly missed the chance).

After seeing him present for Business for Unicorns, if Mark's involved, it's worth it

During the business for unicorns course, we covered topics including:

  • Designing the client experience.
  • Welcoming and onboarding.
  • Driving world-class customer service.
  • Creating a people-centered culture.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked clients what would make the studio more inviting for them (and listened).⁣

Two things came up:⁣

  1. The floor was dizzying (indoor carpet).⁣
  2. Fresh paint would be nice.⁣⁣

Painting is easy, right? Nah.

Fitness Studio with stall mats laid out, squat rack and cubbies in the background

I teach clients that it’s okay to change a goal all the time...⁣

After a failed 14 hour day attempting to paint, I made a call —My goal was to get the studio painted. I tried.⁣

Thanks, Dave’s painting for helping pull that off!⁣

(We don’t believe in sunk costs around here/Love economics)⁣⁣

Also, thanks to the homie Zac Cutler for helping me haul in some stall mats. Love you.

Changing my goal actually dovetails into the most impactful thing I've learned about in years, psych skills for fitness pros.

Get and Stay Motivated Under Any Conditions

Dr. Lisa Lewis is a magician. For most clients, an evidence-based approach to behavior change will move the needle much further than writing a "slightly better" program.

Dr. Lewis and I connected at The Kansas City Fitness Summit in 2019. After consulting, I knew that she just got it.

As a trainer, business owner, recovering "cousin pudgy", and former college athlete, I've watched many people in my life struggle with feeling strong and confident in their bodies - Hell, I still do.

Psych skills help evoke change talk and foster motivation.

Research in psychology teaches us that we all need three things to feel motivated:

  • Autonomy - I want you to be the basis for things, as opposed to my own goals.
  • Competency - Being good at something that you care about.
  • Relatedness - The social stuff, feeling connected.

Here's how I've developed more autonomous supported coaching with all my peeps.

Clients lead, I provide:

  • Navigation
  • Support
  • Education
  • Choice

I'm engaging people about;

  • How they feel.
  • How they feel about their progress towards their goals.
  • What their thoughts and ideas are about how to continue progressing.

Clients are active participants. Informational feedback helps build competency.

As often as possible;

  • I offer information on how to execute particular exercises.
  • Feedback on how you’re progressing on exercises.
  • Opportunities to develop your skills and abilities. (By increasing weight, or changing programs in ways that add challenge).

If I can keep you engaged in learning, growing, and building competency, you’re going to maintain motivation.

If you have more questions surrounding motivation, I'd recommend you read this piece that I shared with Dr. Lewis. She liked it.

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