Side Lying Hip Abduction from a Side Plank

The side lying hip abduction from a side plank combines two moves to work your glutes and core at the same time.

Here's How to Perform the Side Lying Hip Abduction from a Side Plank:

  • Starting with your weak side, assume the same position that you would in a side plank, with your elbow underneath your shoulder, lying on your side.
  • Your body should be straight from your head to your knees.
  • Straighten out your top leg.
  • Drive your knee into the ground and lift yourself.
  • Squeeze your glute and then lift your leg, some people feel this more with their foot internally rotated (turned in).
  • Perform your reps and then switch sides.
  • You may add a band around your legs above or below your knees to increase the difficulty of this exercise.
  • You may feel this more in the second leg because the first leg will be working isometrically to hold you still.

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