Feet-Elevated Glute Bridge

The Feet-Elevated Glute Bridge is a hip extension-based movement that elevates your feet from the ground onto a bench or chair.

The Feet-Elevated Glute Bridge is a regression or easier variation of the bodyweight glute bridge that works your glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

It's a bit easier because it involves lifting less of your total body weight as you extend your hips.

For demonstrations on how to perform more exercises like this (including tougher progressions like the 1.5 rep), visit our exercise library.

Feet-Elevated Glute Bridge

Here's How to Perform the Feet-Elevated Glute Bridge:

  • Start by lying on your back, placing your feet on a sturdy elevated surface like a bench, box, or couch.
  • Similarly to a glute bridge, you'll position your feet at a hip and foot width and distance where you feel this exercise the most in your glutes.
    • Width - wider than your hips, hip width, or a more narrowed stance.
    • Distance - with your heels close to your butt, farther away from you, or in between the two.
  • You may end up opting for a stance that allows you to lift your toes, digging your heels into the bench before beginning the movement.
  • Tilt your hips towards you (posteriorly) or push your lower back into the ground. You'll try to keep this position throughout the movement.
  • Draw air in through your nose, down into your stomach.
  • Squeeze your butt and lift your hips, pausing for a second at the top to feel a good contraction.
  • Lower yourself down under control to finish the repetition.

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