Feet and Shoulder-Elevated Single-Leg Hip Thrust

The feet and shoulder elevated single-leg hip thrust works your glutes through a greater range of motion than a single leg hip thrust.

The Feet and Shoulder Elevated Single-Leg Hip Thrust increases the challenge over the Single-Leg Bodyweight Hip Thrust by extending the range of motion that your glutes work through.

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Feet and Shoulder Elevated Single Leg Hip Thrust

Here's How to Perform the Feet and Shoulder Elevated Single-Leg Hip Thrust

  • Find two benches or surfaces of equal height that won't tip or slide on you as you perform this movement. If necessary, you can place your foot against a heavier object, opting the place your back and shoulders against something butting against a wall or other immovable object.
  • Move your benches closer or further apart similarly to how you would adjust your foot distance in the bodyweight hip thrust or single-leg glute bridge.
  • To start off you'll use your non-dominant leg.
  • Center your feet together and move your other leg to one of three places:
    • 1. Pull your knee towards your chest. Keeping your legs at about a 90-degree angle (as demonstrated in the video).
    • 2. Laying your leg and foot across your working leg.
    • 3. With your non-working leg straightened, keep both feet on the bench.
  • Try to keep your concentration on the glute that you consider to be on the same side as your working hip.
  • You'll push off of your foot from either the middle of your foot or somewhere closer to having the heel dug into the edge of your bench.
  • Now that you have your stance set up, it's time to concentrate on the appropriate breathing mechanics and glute squeezes for each rep.
  • Breathe air into your belly by pulling it in through your nose, letting your chest rise as you fill your lungs.
  • Squeeze your glutes and take yourself to full extension of your hip. Pausing at the top to feel the contraction in your butt.
  • Lower yourself down smoothly using your glutes and draw your breath in before starting your next rep.

Adjustments - to make this exercise easier, take away a bench. Perform a normal single-leg hip thrust and add weight to that if needed. To make this hip thrust variation more difficult, add load to it by placing a band anchored to something heavy across your hips.

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