Backpack Freestanding Row

Here's how to perform the backpack freestanding row.

Be sure to focus on a neutral spine and moving your shoulder while performing the freestanding row.

Here's How to Perform the Backpack Freestanding Row:

  • Load your backpack with anything you have handy. A couple options may be books or rocks. Use a scale to figure out how much weight you are using.
  • Start in a split stance with one foot about a foot distance from the other.
  • Brace your core and take a deep breath into your stomach, sides, and lower back.
  • Arch your back and hinge at the hips. Your weight will be over your front leg. Your chest should be over your front knee.
  • Start the row by using the muscles in your mid and upper back and bring each shoulder blade in towards the spine (retract).
  • Try to keep space between your ears and shoulders.
  • Sweep the backpack towards your hips in an arc.
  • At the top of the row, if you are using a neutral grip, your elbows will be closer to your sides.
  • Lower your backpack under control as you breathe out.

How to make Backpack Freestanding Row's Easier (Regression)

  • Use a lighter bag or set of books.

How to make Backpack Freestanding Row's Harder (Progression)

  • Increase the amount of weight in your bag.
  • Slow things down as you lower your backpack or pause at the top.
  • Perform a couple of extra sets or add reps to each set of rows.

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