Back Plank

The back plank is a good exercise for working your upper back, no equipment needed.

Here's How to Perform the Back Plank

  • To start, find two chairs or benches of equal height and sit between them.
  • Dig your elbows into the surface and lift your hips to the top of a bridge position with your body straight from shoulder to knee.
  • Your hands should be pointed directly towards the ceiling.
  • Keep your glutes squeezed, brace your core and keep your body pushed away from the chairs.
  • Your shoulder blades should be retracted towards your spine and you should begin to feel the muscles in your upper back.
  • To make this move easier: hold for shorter lengths of time or move the chairs closer to your body.
  • To make this more challenging: hold for greater lengths of time, move your chairs further away from you, add weight across your hips or raise one leg off of the ground.

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