Ab Walkout

The ab walkout is a plank progression. Learn to keep your core tight as you extend your arms away from yourself.

Here's How to Perform the Ab Walkout:

  • Get into a modified pushup position from your knees to your shoulders and set your hands underneath your eyes, about shoulder width.
  • Aim to keep your body straight from your head to knees, chin tucked, and arms straight throughout this exercise.
  • Breathe into your stomach through your nose and brace your core.
  • Start walking your hands forward as far as you can without losing good back positioning.
  • When you reach the point where you can no longer maintain a good back position, walk your hands back towards your eyes.
  • Breathe out as you walk your hands back.
  • If you start to feel some tension in your lower back as you perform this, it means your abs have quit on you. Shorten your range to something that you can feel comfortable with.

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