1.5 Rep Bodyweight Glute Bridge

The 1.5 rep bodyweight glute bridge is a glute bridge progression.

Here's How to Perform the 1.5 Rep Bodyweight Glute Bridge:

  • Start by finding a foot placement that feels comfortable to you.
  • For most people, this will be an angle where your feet are at about 90 degrees when your hips are fully extended.
    • Some people feel bridges more with their feet shoulder-width, some wider, some closer.
    • Some people feel glute bridges with their feet a bit closer to their body, some further.
    • Seriously, try all the positions for yourself first.
  • Squeeze your glutes and lift your hips, locking your hips out, not your back. Tilt your pelvis or tuck your butt underneath you at the top.
  • Lower yourself halfway down and then repeat hip extension, squeezing your glutes and lowering yourself back down to complete the rep.
  • If you're not sure what it feels like to just lock your hips out, push your lower back into the ground and then squeeze and lift. You will not go as high but, this is what it feels like to lock your hips out.

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