Evolved Personal Training Business

I wanted to get some positive words on a page so I wrote this thing. It's about how my perspective has evolved personal training at Simple Solutions Fitness.

Lacking access to a gym has led me to a more evolved personal training business.

This may not be an interesting read for all but, I want to take some time to reflect on my background and positive growth.

I started Simple Solutions Fitness in 2015 traveling to homes and offices in Columbia, Missouri. All the things I needed for personal training went from the trunk of my car into your home.

Bands, adjustable dumbbells, a couple benches and a hip thruster went from place to place on the hour.

My start into exercise looked nothing like this-what would I do without a squat rack? Barbells? Machines?

Over time, my perspective has grown to leave me with a more well-rounded, evolved personal training business.

If you got your start lifting heavy weights, you might be surprised to know that you can make gains in fitness without a gym, it just takes a little creativity.

As I write this, we’re currently in the middle of a global pandemic. Everyone has found themselves without their usual routines for a number of reasons.

A friend reached out to me, disappointed because her friends finally started working out before their gym got shut down.

That sucks. Seriously.

For times like these, it serves as a reminder that we need a more evolved personal training approach.

Some fitness professionals are putting out “home routines” that are unrealistically based around weights. While I own equipment myself, not everyone has that same access for reasons including;

  • The cost of buying fitness equipment can be high (especially if you don’t know what to buy)
  • People are losing jobs, a gym membership can become a burden
  • Fitness equipment takes up a lot of space
  • Your time schedule has changed

In the past, personal training has stuck to pretty basic fitness routines involving barbells and weights which has gotten clients pretty good results. For now, that approach just won’t work.

Bodyweight and band workouts can be highly effective when you find yourself without a gym-I shared a home routine that you can follow here in this post:

A Simple Workout Routine that You can Do at Home

Fortunately, I’ve been able to learn a lot in these past 5 years. I’m not one for quotes but this quote attributed to Bruce Lee sums up how I’ve felt about my learning;

“Before I studied the art, a punch to me was just like a punch, a kick just like a kick. After I learned the art, a punch was no longer a punch, a kick no longer a kick. Now that I’ve understood the art, a punch is just like a punch, a kick just like a kick. The height of cultivation is really nothing special. It is merely simplicity

My first view of strength training was limited.

A squat in a rack is no better than one with dumbbells. Sure, squatting with a heavier load will get you better at the skill of squatting heavy loads but it’s still a squat.

When I played football in college, my goal was to squat 525 lbs for 5 repetitions. I reached an all time personal record of 500 lbs for 5 repetitions. Part of me still cares but it doesn't really make much difference anymore.

No one cares how much you lift outside of sport and gym culture.

Are you stuck at home with a heavy bucket? You can make gains in fitness and grow muscle if you take enough of your training squatting closer to failure with lighter weights.

Let’s say you’re into lifting and want to buy things. If you use a lot of machines in your routine, you may find yourself fighting for square footage when trying to outfit the same setup at home.

Equipment can take up a lot of space. It’s not realistic or cost effective to spend all your money on the next new thing.

My studio space is about 2,000 sq ft in total and I feel like there is not enough room for all the things that I would like to buy.

Are you getting started in the field? Evolve your thinking on what it takes to carry out an effective personal training session. Buy the things that you need in order to help your members. Try to avoid buying things you want, justifying them later.

This post has gone on long enough. There are many ways that I’ve grown but these felt easy for me to write about for now. I may talk about this more in the future. We shall see.

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