Do You Really Know What a Diet is?

With all of the buzzwords surrounding health and personal fitness plans. It's important to clarify what we're talking about from time to time.

Recently I had a conversation with a friend about dieting. She insisted that she did not believe in dieting, she followed a "nutritional plan". How is that any different from dieting and watching what you eat? What is a diet in the first place?

Brad Schoenfeld, a renowned expert in the fitness and nutrition world behind recent insightful research in the field, defines a diet as "A nutritional regimen."

A diet can be whatever you're eating, for whatever your goal is. Most things in the health and fitness world are talked about in terms of macros and grams of things, which is fine if you eat like that.

Whatever your goal is, there will be differences in how you're eating. Some people are eating for sport performance, some body composition, most are eating for general health. 

Being healthy is the most important part of how you're eating. I think that we would all agree, the vast majority of us just want to look and feel better. A diet that is geared towards health as a priority first will have some things in common with a performance diet but, not everything.

Further Learning

Brad and Alan Aragon, a nutrition researcher and educator with over 20 years in the field, recently took part in a phenomenal podcast all about dieting. They covered topics including:

  • What is a diet
  • Body composition and assessment methods
  • Diet archetypes
  • Nutrition Vs Exercise
  • The Mechanisms behind body composition changes
  • Metabolic adaptions to under and over feeding
  • The future of their work

If you're a fan of science and have a little over an hour, here is a link to the podcast.

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