Creatine and Why You Should Buy it

More muscle, strength and power (high-speed strength) for any personal training clients looking to get better results from their fitness program, it's a no brainer.


What you need to take is creatine monohydrate. Here's the brand I'm endorsing/carrying going forward. Don't dare buy any before you read this post. I'm here to educate, not just get paid.

What is Creatine?

Creatine is a performance enhancing supplement. Specifically it's a dietary supplement which means it's intended to supplement the diet and should not be confused with a food. It's actually found naturally in the body and in some foods like meat, eggs and fish. You'd have to eat a crazy amount of food to get enough naturally though, there are about 5 grams in 2.5 lbs of beef.

It's a nitrogenous compound that helps to supply energy to all cells in the body and is mainly stored in muscle. During high-intensity exercise or things that involve maximal power, strength, sprinting, repetitive sprints or maximal-effort muscle contractions, creatine helps restore ATP.

The basis for supplementing creatine comes from the fact that if muscle concentrations could be maintained, then high-intensity exercise performance can improve. 

Does Creatine work?

It's been found to be quite effective and might be the most researched supplement on the market. It's been shown to be safe, increase lean muscle mass, strength and power.

The NSCA in the Essentials in Strength Training and Conditioning: Fourth Edition, states that Strength increases in the bench, squat and power clean 2-3 times higher in trained athletes who supplemented with creatine instead of a placebo.

Read more deep science on creatine on

How much should you be taking?

If you want to take a maintenance dose take 2g per day. Most companies say 5g but, most companies want you to buy more product.

When you first start taking creatine it takes a while for your body to build up the concentration. If you want to "load" or saturate your body with creatine when first starting out take 20-25 g a day for five days or 0.3g/kg body mass if you want to dose relative to body weight. Taking it more in the beginning will help your body build up stores in 5 days as opposed to 30. If you stop taking it, your body will return to normal levels within a month.

There appears to be an upper limit on the amount your body can store. The NSCA notes, "Once creatine concentrations in skeletal muscle reach 150 to 160 mmol/kg dry weight, additional supplementation appears to be unable to further increase muscle creatine concentrations".

What difference should you expect?

You'll gain some weight.It's generally associated with increases in muscle mass and total body water, 1-4.5 lbs greater over a course of several weeks to months than if you wouldn't have taken it, per the NSCA. If you don't want to gain a little bit of weight, don't take it. 

Creatine ≠ meathead

People take creatine for various reasons, it's not a steroid and it's not something that will turn you into something you're not genetically predisposed to being. There have been no documented significant side effects in controlled studies.

How much I'm going to sell it for

Full transparency, Simple Solutions Fitness isn't here to hurt your pockets. I'm working with a company called Thorne Research to supply clients with the most extensive collection of tested supplements used exclusively by 11 USA national teams.

Creatine is available at various stores throughout Columbia with varying prices, I've seen some over 39.95 and some under this price. 

Through Thorne mandates I'm able to sell creatine like this:

  • It retails for no less than 34.99-this is the cheapest I could sell it for via Thorne's guidelines. Any less any it would hurt the market, why would you buy it for more when I'm selling it for less? 

You can buy this creatine online here (of course this is an affiliate link), or when I'm carrying the inventory, you can slide through and pick it up in house.

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